Lion Tafari

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Lion Tafari was born on the Island of Dominica where music was always a part of his life. As a youth he played various instruments including the flute, the guitar, and the harmonica at church functions. Lion also loved playing cricket and football, but his first love was and will forever be his music.

In his mid-teens he relocated to the U.S. Virgin Islands where he made new friends who shared similar interests.

Lion Tafari promotes cultural awareness through his music. He won the 2014 Reggae Song of the year award in Chicago and he continues to make great music and perform at venues all over the country.

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Meet Debose, president of F.A.M.E LYFE. F.A.M.E Lyfe was founded in 2011 by Darien D. Tilmon, Darren D. Tilmon Jr. and Mark A. Hill. Together these three entrepreneurs had the collective foresight and vision to take their passion for business and music to the extreme.

From the music genres of Rap, R&B, Rock n' Roll & Gospel Rap, F.A.M.E Lyfe's approach to the music industry is to explore, promote and produce each of its musical entities to the extreme. Realizing that the music is ever changing, F.A.M.E Lyfe's artist and promotions team stays on the cutting edge of artistic sound and innovative promotions. F.A.M.E. Lyfe is determined to be a company that is not defined by one genre of music but rather one that explores all avenues.

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Christie Huff

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Christie Huff is an up and coming Country Singer-Songwriter from Arizona, USA. Just 19, she has already impressed audiences  in Nashville, Hawaii, Utah, Southern California, and of course, in her home state of Arizona.  Christie has been busy writing songs and recording since she graduated from High School.

Her inspiration comes from her experiences as a young woman, as well as the experiences of others in her life. One of her favorite songs, Soldier Song, was inspired when a friend’s husband was deployed to Iraq. Like all of Christie’s music, it combines her soulful vocals with a Nashville sound.

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Love X Stereo

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Love X Stereo is an Electro Rock band based in Seoul, Korea. Their music can be described as authentic Electronic Music with influences of Alternative and Punk Rock from the 90s. The free use of synthesizing and effects makes Love X Stereo’s music very danceable. With each of the
members possessing more than a decade of experience under their belt, the sound testifies to all they have achieved to date. Its members are more sensitive to their sound than anyone else and they focus on “live quality” to the point that they will not make any music without it. People are watching with interest to see the next step taken by these consummate professionals, who handle all of their own composing, lyrics, and producing, as well as recording, mixing and mastering.

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Cj TheBest

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Cj TheBest is one of the most captivating R&B artists of this decade. "Mr. Moves" catapulted onto the music scene with a prolific new swagger that has gotten everyone's attention.

He's is often compared to performers like Sisqo, and vocalists like K-Ci and JoJo. 

"What makes me different is my musical influences..."

Cj, who doesn't like to be labeled when it comes to music, uniquely blends what he gathers from Soul, Rock, Funk and Hip-Hop to create a sound that is truly his own. From the moment you pop his Album into your deck you will be mesmerized and taken on a roller-coaster ride.

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Saachi Sen

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Indie Pop singer-songwriter Saachi Sen has performed at various iconic London venues, including St Paul’s Church Yard, the British Music Experience, the Nehru Centre in Mayfair, the London Jazz Festival, the Pizza Express Jazz Club in Soho and the Royal Albert Hall, just to name a few.

She won the EMI/Roundhouse Records competition, 30/30 to record her song, Heal and was invited to perform at the House of Commons for a parliamentarian reception evening.

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Esther spent 10 years traveling and building up a worthy collection of material for her debut album "Do They Blame Us", which she recorded in Fortress Studios in London. It's a mix of Folk, Pop, Choir and Acoustic mayhem.

Shortly after finishing the album, her song "Shining Star" was picked for the final scene of the NZ film "My Wedding and Other Secrets". Since then she has been working on the next 2 albums, which are now ready for recording.

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Frank Palangi

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Frank Palangi is a driving Rock singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from New York, USA.

With a positive image, unique sound, thought provoking lyrics and a fresh take on the genre, it’s exciting to see he’s not afraid to take a few chances with his music.

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Lunarians are sonic architects of the arcane and otherworldly. They formed in Bristol, United Kingdom in 2009 and have played the Harbourside Festival twice, the St. Werburghs City Farm Festival and the Stokes Croft Street Festival. They had an eight month residency at No. 51 Stokes Croft and have played at all the major Bristol venues; The Fleece, The Croft, The Louisiana, Mr. Wolfs, Start The Bus, The Canteen, etc, and have also occasionally delved into neighboring cities.

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Bless The Best

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Bless was born Byron J. Thomas in Carbondale, Illinois, USA. After moving around with his family for a couple of years, he found a home in Belleville, Illinois. Spending most of his life in the East Saint Louis area, he was exposed to a mixture of different things that shaped his unique character. Bless fell in love with writing in the 5th grade after composing his first rhyme. He began to progress more and more as a writer, while also growing vocally as a singer. By the age of 16, he was producing, recording, mixing, and writing his own music. This would be the reason that Bless would attend The Institute of Production & Recording in Minneapolis to pursue mass musical knowledge. Though he did not graduate from The IPR, he gained valuable information that has contributed to his musical progression. Now on the hunt to grab his dream, Bless says his music is “inspiration for the soul”.

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Anne Davis

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Jackson, Mississippi native, Anne Davis' self-produced album, a compilation of thought-provoking upbeat tempos and ballads from the "folk-alternative" artist, has been turning ears as it has traveled throughout the U.S. and beyond by receiving quite favorable college radio airplay. Davis wrote all fifteen tracks, and the "organic feel" of the melodies is attributed to the defining instruments you'll find on the album.

"What I really wanted to go for was to put together a project using only real instruments....and that meant no compromise with using any type of fabricated sounds, including drum machines." And, that's exactly what you're going to hear--such instruments as the cello, violin, upright acoustic bass, mandolin, accordion, penny whistle and the uilleann pipe on the CD. "I wanted everything to be real....for me, as an artist, it only made sense for the production of the project to be as soul-baring as the lyrics."

Sharing a bit of background, Davis matter-of-factly will tell you, "I perform, sing, and write simply because that's what I do. I've been writing and singing since I was a little girl, giving concerts for my Siamese cat, Feather, and our Greyhound, Zip, in the backyard with my tennis racket guitar. It just seemed the thing to do. Years later, I'm still finding myself writing and scribbling down song lyrics on napkins or backs of envelopes--and this time, playing to larger audiences beyond an attentive cat and dog. Apparently, it's just a part of who I am and why I'm here."

Although Davis' singing began at an early age around the house and in church, she really began pursuing music seriously while attending college. During a weekend retreat her sophomore year at Mississippi State University, Anne bit the bullet and performed a song she had written. "Nervously, with hands shaking, heart pounding, I got up and shared for the first time one of my own songs and the response was completely mind-blowing. I remember sensing that evening that something truly significant had taken place that would alter my life forever. I was left reeling for days....I guess it all started that night. Somehow, I've had gigs ever since."

Anne's passion for music bleeds over into camaraderie with fellow musicians, which has taken her overseas to perform in music festivals in Hungary. She says she would love to play in Eastern Europe again in the future, and spread over into Western Europe as well. After college, Anne moved to Nashville to plug into the artists/music community.

In the past, Davis had dabbled in the studio many times, walking out only with demos, but she knew when it was time to move forward with her first full-length project. "People continually began asking me for product after gigs, so it became apparent what I felt I needed to do--I hated sending them away empty handed." After spending several years in the studio persevering through many obstacles, including a debilitating illness known as CFIDS and chronic Lyme Disease, she has finally emerged with the finished product of her debut CD release. "There were so many days I wondered if it would ever the day the CDs showed up at my doorstep, it felt incredibly surreal. I remember opening up a box, pulling out a CD and just looking at it almost in disbelief."

Her songs explore a sense of questioning that easily resonates with cross-generational segments of listeners. One of the most popular songs on the album, "Temple of Contradictions," meshes upbeat melody with poignant lyrics that contemplate such strong emotions as guilt, shame, and wrestling with temptation. Other songs such as "Where the Roads Cross" and "No, I'm Not Going Anywhere," though both favored ballads, offer different streams of thought. "Where the Roads Cross" reveals fragile, uneasy questioning, while the song "No, I'm Not Going Anywhere" strongly declares steadfast commitment in relationships. "Days Like These" and "Journal Entries" stir up nostalgic emotions of days gone by as well as reminders of reasons to hope. Also, included in the list of 15 cuts are "Until That Day" and "May Your Cokefloats Be Overflowing," which were both wedding songs written specifically for good friends.

It's these human lyrics that are so relatable and reflect Anne's penchant for translating complex emotions and thoughts to the everyday listener. It's her hypnotic melodies and raw, textured vocals along with her quirky, down-to-earth persona and sense of humor that make Anne so believable and endearing to an audience.

This singer/songwriter, also pegged as a "poet," describes her live performances as "wearing her heart on her sleeve" experiences that she shares with her audiences, even to the point of her reading from her journals as well as singing songs that literally have come straight out of her own journal entries. Anne says sometimes she goes barefoot when she plays out because it seems symbolically fitting for her to. "At times, it can feel almost too vulnerable, but then again, I'm reminded--isn't that what we're all in desperate search of--something that's universally revealing, honest and even a bit messy. Being transparent and real has a way of ushering in contemplation about life that we can all identify with and say 'me, too!....I, too have felt this way before, and what a relief to know I'm not the only one who has.' I believe we are all waiting on someone to play our song....wherever we may find ourselves in life at the time."

Though all musicians who played a part on this project are professional studio musicians, and most certainly noteworthy in their own right, some might find it surprising that Ron de la Vega, who performs and records regularly with Nanci Griffith, contributes his talents on several songs on this freshman CD release. "For me, it was a true honor to have Ron participate on this project--it was like he knew what each song wanted added to it, and he never just pushed through any of the's not his style....he's such a sincere, true musician.....each song was treated with great respect, sensitivity, and excellence....needless to say, it was one of those highlighted studio moments you tuck away in your memory."

The late great Hunter Lee, also a Jackson, Miss. native, who was the one and only uilleann pipe player in Nashville, contributed to "The Crucible Song." Davis remembers, "The day he came into the studio to lay down his tracks was one of the sweetest studio experiences I've had to date--I wept most of the entire time he played--there was just a connect there. Even he commented on how natural it felt for him as he 'went with it' and let the song lead....our time in the studio had this cool dynamic going on that felt like some sort of a Divine appointment--I just wish he could have heard the final mix of the song before his premature death."

Anne performs in coffeehouses, college bars, pubs, festivals, and benefit concerts. Eventually, she intends to take it to the road more often, as her health improves and her body becomes more "roadworthy."

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Ariel Lavi

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Ariel.Lavi is a 26 year old music composer and recording artist based in the Los Angeles area of California, USA.

He is a fully trained musician, and has played various instruments since the age of 10. He studied audio engineering at college in order to pursue a career in record production and music composition.

Ariel.Lavi currently composes original material for the entertainment industry, including (but not limited to) film, television and video games.

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Christina Custode

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Christina Custode is a graduate of the prestigious Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York. Her music is current and honest, to say the least.

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