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Download "SRL Networks Presents Kileza" on the Skunk Radio Live Record Store.

KILEZA is a Soul Pop Singer Songwriter and music producer who calls the world home. She was born and raised in South Africa, has lived and performed in Argentina and Canada, and is now situated in Berlin, Germany.

Her music reflects the influences of her travels, a blend of R&B, Soul, and World Music. Kileza's journey in music started with classical training in Piano studies at the age of 7, she then went on to teach herself to play the guitar as she moved more and more into the world of pop and jazz. Whilst attending the University of Waterloo in Canada she took a course in Music Production which changed her relationship with music forever. She then went on to set up a home studio where she began to write and produce for herself and others. Kileza has had the opportunity to perform and tour around Europe both as a solo act and with heavyweights like Boney M. She has set her sights on an international career, as a singer and producer.

Listen out for It's Over and other great songs by Kileza on Skunk Radio Live Pop music programs.

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