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Christina Custode

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Christina Custode, multi-talented musician and award winning vocalist, recently released her first original recording. The project, which consists of eight songs (all music and lyrics written and arranged by Christina Custode) has put Custode on the Singer-Songwriter map and has been heralded as an excellent start to a long and promising career.

A graduate from the prestigious Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York, Custode’s music is current, honest, and soaked with the musical integrity the artist upholds in all of her musical endeavors.  She has shared the stage with Marvin Hamlisch and the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra (2005), Chuck Mangione, Lew Soloff, and Pat LaBarbera (Jerry Neiwood Tribute Concert, 2009) and currently performs with numerous jazz groups on piano and vibraphone, as well as a cocktail piano soloist, and as a sideman with numerous blues and commercial bands.

Most recently, her original music has gained notice not only for pristine instrumental and vocal performance quality, but also for its compositional value.  Custode has been named "Buffalo’s Best Female Vocalist" (Artvoice "2010 Best of Buffalo",  “2011 Best of Buffalo” and "2013 Best of Buffalo") and currently fronts a pop-rock trio.  “Christina Custode and Rerun” were recognized as “Buffalo’s Best Original Music Act” (Artvoice “2011 Best of Buffalo”), Christina being the sole writer for the group.

Christina is an avid supporter of collaboration in the arts, and in December 2010 participated in the production of “The Mistletoe Song” as a gift to the US Military.  The project gained immediate local notoriety as her heartfelt vocal performance captured the emotion of the Holiday Season.  Her beautiful tone quality and sensitive phrasing helped garner local and national airplay, as well as international exposure on thousands of internet radio stations.

Custode has released a second album of original music with legendary producer Stuart Epps.  Listeners can expect the same heartfelt, honest lyrics and high quality musical performance that Christina Custode has delivered in the past, and intends on upholding throughout her career.
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In 2011, Giftgable released his debut single, Plankin which instantly became a big hit in New York and then later, the US as a whole. It was also recognized and celebrated by American Idol and was aired in Season 11, Episode 2 of the program.

He went on to set up an independent record label, Money Matters Entertainment with his brother Kre Labbel. Together, the two Brooklyn enterpreneurs launched a series of successful hip hop projects including music and video releases, a reality show on YouTube and a clothing line.

Giftgable is also a dedicated philanthropist and has managed to make a difference in the lives of so many less fortunate. He paired up with the Luis Danvers Leukemia Fund (LDLF), a 501c-3 nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing about awareness to the plight of children suffering from blood cancer.

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Tyler Noel

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Sultry, sexy and unadulterated R&B singer, Tyler Noel is bringing you a brand new R&B sound and something real to add to your music collection.

Her sound is refreshing and true to life.

"I write and sing about my life, and that's why my songs are instantly relatable" says Tyler, whose vocal idol is Gospel icon Karen Clark Sheard. She also adores all genres of music ranging from Mozart and Bach to Gwen Stefani and Sarah Mclachlan, Donny Hathaway and Brandy; and she draws inspiration from them all.

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Hannah Gill

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 Hannah Gill & The Hours combines '70s lo-fi pop and rock with contemporary soul and blues and transforms them into sweet and sultry songs that overflow with passionate feelings. Steered by the creative direction and voice of soulful 19-year old vocal powerhouse and songwriter Hannah Gill combined with skilled guitarist, songwriter and arranger Brad Hammonds, the group offers up music with contagious melodies and mindful lyrics. Each song presents a thrilling story about how humans connect through their experiences and reveals the intrepid singer’s intimate perspectives on love, loss, longing, hope and transformation. Gill’s lush voice, Hammonds’ sparkling fretwork and both members’ background in improvisational jazz give the duo’s hypnotic recordings and dynamic live performances otherworldly gravity. Hannah Gill & The Hours’ debut EP, The Water was released on iTunes on the 13th of May, 2016.

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Anne Davis

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Jackson, Mississippi native, Anne Davis' self-produced album, a compilation of thought-provoking upbeat tempos and ballads from the "folk-alternative" artist, has been turning ears as it has traveled throughout the U.S. and beyond by receiving quite favorable college radio airplay. Davis wrote all fifteen tracks, and the "organic feel" of the melodies is attributed to the defining instruments you'll find on the album.

"What I really wanted to go for was to put together a project using only real instruments....and that meant no compromise with using any type of fabricated sounds, including drum machines." And, that's exactly what you're going to hear--such instruments as the cello, violin, upright acoustic bass, mandolin, accordion, penny whistle and the uilleann pipe on the CD. "I wanted everything to be real....for me, as an artist, it only made sense for the production of the project to be as soul-baring as the lyrics."

Sharing a bit of background, Davis matter-of-factly will tell you, "I perform, sing, and write simply because that's what I do. I've been writing and singing since I was a little girl, giving concerts for my Siamese cat, Feather, and our Greyhound, Zip, in the backyard with my tennis racket guitar. It just seemed the thing to do. Years later, I'm still finding myself writing and scribbling down song lyrics on napkins or backs of envelopes--and this time, playing to larger audiences beyond an attentive cat and dog. Apparently, it's just a part of who I am and why I'm here."

Although Davis' singing began at an early age around the house and in church, she really began pursuing music seriously while attending college. During a weekend retreat her sophomore year at Mississippi State University, Anne bit the bullet and performed a song she had written. "Nervously, with hands shaking, heart pounding, I got up and shared for the first time one of my own songs and the response was completely mind-blowing. I remember sensing that evening that something truly significant had taken place that would alter my life forever. I was left reeling for days....I guess it all started that night. Somehow, I've had gigs ever since."


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Coming from the south of DC is Woodbridge, Virginia, USA's loudest Metal band, Kysmet. They bring along one simple message with them - "Live life with passion". They deliver their message through action with their high-octane, energetic style of Metal.

Musically, they are able to bring their own individual raw emotions out by blending fast Thrash-Metal-like riffs with melodic harmonies and catchy one-liners throughout their songs. Live, they are a barrage of energy that is constantly hitting the audience from start to finish. Whether it's a small bar or a large venue, when Kysmet hits the stage you know it is going to be huge.

Kysmet (pronounced: kiz-met), taken from the Chinese proverb of "A kismet day" meaning "Everything in the universe is as it should be."

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