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Skunk Radio Live Top 20.

The Roster.

Meet The Skunk Radio Live Musicians.
Discover The Independent Singers, Songwriters, Rappers, DJs, Bands, Composers, Music Producers and Independent Record Labels behind Skunk Radio Live's mind-blowing Musical Adventures. 


Ian And The Dream

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In 2008 two high school best friends began embarking on their dream. They had already been active in Milwaukee’s music scene for a while; Ian Ash had won the Summerfest Pepsi Talent Search after performing an original song at the early age of 13, and Bassist, Chivo had cut his teeth playing Hard Rock in several projects; but after seeing an opportunity to compete for a major label record deal, Ian and The dream was formed.

Competing in Bodog’s Battle of the Bands, Ian & The Dream were named “Best MilwaukeeBand”, landing them performances in front of larger crowds such as the Metro and House
of Blues in Chicago. Ian Ash won the title “Top Singer” at Waukesha County Fair, earning
him an opening performance with the Beach Boys. When Grammy award-winning Beach Boy
Bruce Johnston praised Ian’s performance, the band knew they were ready to reach higher
in pursuit of their dream.

Listen out for We Know How To Fall and other great tracks by Ian And The Dream on SkunkRadio Live Rock and Indie Playlist Shows.

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Durt Boi

Durt Boi Skunk Radio Live Independent Music Awards Nominee Best Music Producer - Discover Independent Music - Download Independent Music -2016 Music - durt boi2
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DURT BOI MIX (Brandon Townsend) is definitely becoming a rising star on today's Hip Hop scene with his grimy delivery and catchy hooks! Hailing from the tough streets of the Riverside community in South Memphis, Durt Boi had to overcome many struggles and hardships, such as his father being incarcerated when he was only 9 years old. After suffering from the devastating blow of his father receiving a life sentence, Durt had to adapt to the instability of bouncing from home to home between his mother, grandma and aunt. Longing for that missing void in his life from the absence of his father, Durt enlisted in the military after graduating high school. Ironically, the military is where he discovered his passion for writing music.

While in the military, Durt learned to use his love for writing music as an escape from his troubled childhood and the life of a soldier. After serving a tour in Iraq, Durt was stationed at Ft. Lewis in Seattle (Tacoma), WA, USA. Realizing he had a true talent in music, Durt and two friends started the group, "The Durty Boiz". From 2005 till 2009 the group released two albums, "The Connection" and "Durty Dolla: 1st Deposit", creating a substantial buzz in the Northwest.

Carrying the Durty Boi Music label on his shoulders and with home calling him, Durt's journey landed him back in "the M". After returning to his southern roots, Durt linked up with C&N Management and Marketing, taking his career to the next level. Wasting no time, Durt Boi has definitely made an impressionable mark on the Memphis music scene, opening up for major acts such as Too Short, Devin The Dude, Playa Fly, 8Ball&MJG and Young Buck. In addition, Durt Boi made the front cover of Memphis' Street Scenes Magazine as well as receiving "Out Of Town New Artist Of The Year" at the Jackson Music Awards.

Listen out for Why Chase Ya', "Pop, Drop And Roll" and other awesome tracks by Durt Boi on SkunkRadio Live Hip Hop Playlist Shows.

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Christie Huff

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Christie Huff is an up and coming Country Singer-Songwriter from Arizona, USA. Just 19, she has already impressed audiences  in Nashville, Hawaii, Utah, Southern California, and of course, in her home state of Arizona.  Christie has been busy writing songs and recording since she graduated from High School.

Her inspiration comes from her experiences as a young woman, as well as the experiences of others in her life. One of her favorite songs, Soldier Song, was inspired when a friend’s husband was deployed to Iraq. Like all of Christie’s music, it combines her soulful vocals with a Nashville sound.

Listen out for "You Said" and other great tracks by Christie on Skunk Radio Live Pop, Rock and Indie Playlist Shows.

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Echo Drama

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Fronted by the dynamic vocal duo of South African Soul singer May Parley and rising Melbourne emcee Sinks, 9-piece Dub, Reggae, Hip Hop outfit Echo Drama push the boundaries of Jamaican and Urban music from traditional Roots to new school Ragga flavours. The result is a sound at once steeped in the traditions of Dub and Reggae but also unafraid to draw on modern manifestations such as Hip Hop, Dancehall and DnB.

In 4 years of existence the band has developed a refined live show performing regularly across local stages, residencies, festival appearances and international supports with highlights such as Easy Star All Stars (USA), The Skatalites (Jamaica), Maxi Priest (UK), St Kilda Festival - Main Stage, NYE On The Hill, Rainbow Serpent, The Hills Are Alive, Panacea Festival, Blenheim Fest, Inca Roads Festival and Folk Rhythm & Life.

In addition to storming the live circuit, the last 2 years have seen Echo Drama release both their debut EP “Bury The Weapons” and follow up remix album “Remix The Weapons”. Both records continue to amass radio play across Australia on Triple J, PBS, RRR, FBI and 4ZZZ to name but a few and were both featured in PBS top 10 records across 2014.

With Echo Drama and their sound continuing to evolve and grow, 2016 has already seen the band perform on the Main Stage at St Kilda Festival and open for Maxi Priest (UK) at The Corner Hotel. Half way through recording and producing their debut full length album slated for release later in 2016, the year will see Echo Drama continue to build on it's reputation for incendiary live shows at venues and events across Australia.

Listen our for Still Shining, Meet Your Maker and uplifting songs by Echo Drama on Skunk Radio Live's Underground Urban Music Programs.

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unsigned r&b singers
Dedicated, driven, ambitious - - are just a few words to describe Idrise. Idrise is a
rising star; a Pop artist that not only exudes an exotic look and charming character, but also
stems from an uncanny beginning. Idrise comes with a rich, unique R&B sound that came to be
as product of his love for music of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. His is the kind of sound that could gain
listeners and fans from any demographic. He is a pioneer in a lane of his own, a genre which he
likes to call, “Pop & B”. Idrise has had an exciting, if not a strange, life story before he actually
became an all-out artist and performer. Fluent in 4 languages, a Staff Sergeant in the US Air
Force, and a degree in Arabic studies, Idrise's young life has shown many, the importance of
knowing where priorities lie. He grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he began singing and dancing; all throughout middle school and high school in everything from show choirs to break-dance crews.

Soon after graduating high-school, he felt the need to be on stage again and with this intense desire, he went on to back-up dance for a pop artist in Southern California, performing at different venues in the area; one such venue, being the House of Blues, in Hollywood. In 2010, while stationed at Fort Meade, Maryland, his charms brought him to instant popularity after he stepped into the booth to record his first single. This came to be, because of his raw talent, his high spirits, and his passion for music as his craft, not to mention his excellently honed work ethic. These, among many reasons, make him a “real-life” inspiration to many, and
his music has come a long way to affecting emotions and life views. Idrise is what one could call
“a modern-day manifestation of classic R&B/Soul music” as his vocals bring "that familiar feeling"
to the newest generation of music.

Listen out for Falling and other great tracks by Idrise on SkunkRadio Live Pop and R&B Playlist Shows.

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Download "SRL Networks Presents Debose" on the SRL Record Store.

Meet Debose, president of F.A.M.E LYFE. F.A.M.E Lyfe was founded in 2011 by Darien D. Tilmon, Darren D. Tilmon Jr. and Mark A. Hill. Together these three entrepreneurs had the collective foresight and vision to take their passion for business and music to the extreme.

From the music genres of Rap, R&B, Rock n' Roll & Gospel Rap, F.A.M.E Lyfe's approach to the music industry is to explore, promote and produce each of its musical entities to the extreme. Realizing that the music is ever changing, F.A.M.E Lyfe's artist and promotions team stays on the cutting edge of artistic sound and innovative promotions. F.A.M.E. Lyfe is determined to be a company that is not defined by one genre of music but rather one that explores all avenues.

Listen out for Don't Count Me Out, Exotic and other great tracks by Debose on Skunk Radio Live Hip Hop Playlist Shows.

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Yung Rackz

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Download "SRL Networks Presents Yung Rackz" on The Skunk Radio Live Record Store.

Yung Rackz is a dilligent, dedicated and focused Hip Hop Musician and Producer, one of the hottest out of North Carolina, USA.

Only two words are needed to describe this new Hip Hop prodigy, True and Real, and his music can only be described as Real Hip Hop, with lyrics that are true to its roots and straight from the heart. Both Old-School and New-School Hip Hop fans can relate to Yung Rackz and his releases are always received well locally and nationally.

Yung Rackz is in his twenties and already has a good number of solid records under his belt. His EP, Trapping Is Not A Hobby is just one of many releases that keep real Hip Hop fans wanting more. It's still getting amazing reviews and fans can't wait to hear what's next.

Listen out for Born In These Streets and other amazing tracks by Yung Rackz on Skunk Radio Live.

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