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The Last Bees
Pop Music Band
Wisconsin, USA


There's an undeniable scent of nostalgia in the air. Our distraction-filled digital lives have us craving something that is organic, real and spontaneous. The Last Bees was a spontaneous experiment that soon took on a brand of its own. Ian Ash was inspired by the Led Zeppelin throwback of Greta Van Fleet, and the 60's throwback of artists like JD McPherson, Megan Trainor and Pokey LaFarge. One cold winter in early January, Ash finished recording “Can't Wait” at his home studio in Wisconsin. It was a track with an early Beatles approach, fitting, as Ash is a self-proclaimed Beatles geek with a vocal resonance resembling John Lennon. Ian buzzed down to Chicago to play the track for his manager, who posited the question- how about making a collection of songs like this?!...

So, Ash went back to his hive and did just that. He wrote, produced and arranged songs that hark back to a time not so different from our current culture; a time when people also needed positive, uplifting release from the vicissitudes of a world changing so quickly. The melodies were sweet as honey, but the vocals and instruments had an edge that stung like a bee. And thus, The Last Bees was born.





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