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Music news, artist/band press releases, songs, albums, tours & promos | August, 2017

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12-08-2017 15:05 GMT


Drevo '17 is now available to stream and download free on spinrilla - listen to all songs on the mixtape free and download mp3s free from july 28, 2017

Coolidge's eagerly anticipated summer, 2017 mixtape hit stores on the 28th of July, 2017.

After an extremely busy year, and one of his most busy years by far so far, Jackson, Mississippi, USA's top hip hop act and one of Bermuda's top music acts of 2017 is treating his fans to a whopping 8 brand new songs including the hit single, "Decimals" which was released in June. Having recently completed 2 tours of Bermuda, his home country, released multiple chart-topping records with new videos, and played shows nationally and internationally, it's safe to say Coolidge has come a long way from being a fairly known budding, underground hip hop act back in 2012 to becoming one of the top rising hip hop artists in the world right now.

Released under the Winner's Circle imprint, Coolidge's latest release features top of the line production and exquisite artistry that demonstrates his progress as well as illustrates his vision and creative direction.

Drevo '17 is available for free streaming and free mp3 download on Spinrilla but is expected to become available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon mp3, Google Play Music and other digital music stores any time now.

Listen to all songs free and download mp3s free on Spinrilla from July 28, 2017 - Spotify and Apple Music streaming and iTunes, Amazon and Google Play Music download coming soon


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10-08-2017 03:14 GMT


Watch the official video for EDM producer, Tyzo Bloom's new song on YouTube, stream and download free on soundcloud and hypem

It's been a wonderful summer for Tyzo Bloom fans already, and the Los Angeles, US Electronic Dance Music Producer seems to just be getting warmed up for the season.

After a busy 2016, which saw the independent LA synth master's collaborations with indie artist, JNNA achieve record numbers on music charts, including the song, "Closer To You", one of the top independent EDM songs of the year, Tyzo put a cherry on top with "Tonight", on the 2nd of February, 2017, a single that is still at the top of many EDM charts and has been revered as one of the most celebrated independent EDM releases of 2017. The new song, a solo performance by Tyzo didn't spend very much time on the charts alone before it was quickly joined by "Tip Toe" another sensational release, which featured indie artist, Cassie Cook, and then Before You Go which is his latest single, released on the 8th of August and which also features another indie artist by the name of Lauren Marie.

Currently ranked among the top emerging EDM producers in California, Tyzo, formerly known as Kasey Chen and KC isn't holding anything back in 2017 and is evolving sonically more rapidly than ever before, boasting a plethora of new sounds and production techniques with every subsequent release. He recently also announced the release of the official video for "Tonight", which is available on YouTube and other free music video streaming platforms online.

Discover EDM Producer, Tyzo's new music including 2 new 2017 singles and a new video released in June, 2017


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10-08-2017 01:29 GMT


Listen to the latest songs from Keyon's new mixtape and download mp3s free on Soundcloud

Just over 3 months since the release of his latest single, "Stay Out Of My Business", Keyon Stacks fans would be ecstatic to hear that the Californian rapper, who is known for his blatantly honest and raw lyrical content, that more often than not is just as refreshing as it is shocking to hear over the radio has just completed his highly anticipated 2017 mixtape, "40 Bricks And A Mule". A promotional video was released earlier today which features snippets of songs to expect. The CEO of Bankroll Music Group, Keyon's new release marks a new high for the fast rising independent record label which has grown considerably and also seen its fanbase expand to other parts of the US rapidly since its creation back in 2012 when Keyon made his mark with the release of "I Smoke Good", Back To The Money and a host of other classic and sensational songs that took Cali's hip hop scene by surprise owing to their stark originality and big sound.
 "40 Bricks And A Mule" comes at a time when the Riverside County local's buzz is at an all time high, with 2 chart-topping singles out, including "Stay Out Of My Business" released on the 8th of May, and "OTBS" released on the 16th of March.

More details about the new mixtape are expected shortly.


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05-08-2017 10:25 GMT


Popular house music radio show by DJ Bossa Nova on the No.1 DJ radio station

Currently based in Los Angeles, USA, Bossa Nova has come a long way from being a teenage music lover discovering his love for hip hop and rock music at 17 years old in Spanish Harlem to being taught to DJ by the famous DJ Swift and becoming one of the most in demand electronic music DJ's in California.

Outside The Box is just one of his many ongoing projects, a radio program dedicated to house music lovers which is quickly becoming one of the genre's top radio programs in California and spreading farther and farther out to the rest of the US with every new episode. 

Bossa Nova just released this statement to announce the latest episode, episode 67:

"New episode of 'Outside The Box' 67 is airing live right now in Hong Kong, later today in London (7pm London time) and later tonight in Los Angeles (7pm PST). BIG SHOW tonight. In the 1st hour of the show Bossa Nova puts together a free style mix before introducing the special guest. You can expect to hear tracks from producers like Kenton Dunson, DJ Byrd, Vanilla Ace, French Montana and many more. The special guest for this week's show is an established Producer/DJ from Atlanta, Georgia, USA by the name of DJ Eu. He talks about his start as a DJ and his most recent experience playing Tomorrowland in Belgium just a couple weeks ago. He recorded his set from Tomorrowland and is sharing it on the program tonight. "
Listen to Outside The Box 67 on Wild1's website or on the free TuneIn radio app for android, ios, windows and other mobile devices.


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04-08-2017 17:44 GMT


Listen to Sonni Quick's music catalog of piano songs free on Soundcloud

Lush piano melodies, dark, mysterious soundscapes, bright, happy ambiences, adventurous themes, inspirational and motivational themes, and romantic, slow dance themes are only some of what listeners of classical and instrumental music can expect from Sonni Quick's luxuriously refreshing instrumental music catalog. With only a piano, the Pennsylvania, US composer paints pictures that speak volumes and has the unmatched ability to instanstly whisk listeners away on what could only be described as an energizing and utterly satisfying musical escapade. Deeply moving and gripping, yet gentle in ways words can't describe, and with just one instrument, Sonni's sound is unobstrusive and a delight to listen to on any occasion whatever the setting.

Written for an eagerly awaited incarcerated loved one, Sonni's latest sensation is a dark and elegant piece that conveys and evokes the deep longings, joy, happiness and other emotions centered around freedom and liberation. Released on the 30th of April, 2017, "Open The Cage And Fly" has received rave reviews highlighting its masterful composition and exquisite performance. Critics are calling it one of Pennsylvania's most sensational contemporary classical music releases for a long time and are revering Sonni as one of the region's top rising classical acts to watch.


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03-08-2017 19:37 GMT


Free download - Discover the new song for summer, 2017 by R&B artist, Marco Richh - Listen free and get it on Reverbnation

He's got one of the most distinctive and compelling voices in independent R&B today and Arizona based US singer songwriter, Marco Richh, formerly Sanger Boy and also known as Reggie B has never passed on an opportunity to share it with the world. From performing at local radio stations, and noteable performances in his earlier years as an artist including his performance at the Martin Luther King Festival at Miami Gardens, to his recent features on The Voice and The BET Experience, Marco is always keen to give fans a live taste of his music. Currently ranked as one of the top rising R&B acts in the region, Marco, whose musical influences include Lena Horne, Ella Fitzgerald and Ryan Leslie has been predicted by to be one of those new artists that quickly becomes a household name given the right opportunities.

Music has been Marco's passion since the age of five so he has had many years to hone his craft, and the quality and potency of his sound shows that he hasn't wasted any of them. He plays the guitar, saxophone, and drums, and his originality, vocal dynamics and ability to make a deep connection with his fans through a vast range of themes lyrically including heart-break, inspiration, motivation, triumph and celebration makes him a crowd favorite wherever he goes. Since the official beginning of his career back in 2006, he has been closely watched and followed by critics, fans and music industry insiders and media who support him every step of the way of his career.

News about his latest single, "Summer Time", a remix of the famous record by actor and rapper, Will Smith, was released on the 2nd of August. The single is available to stream and download for free on Reverbnation and is expected to hit the stores soon.


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03-08-2017 03:04 GMT


Discover, listen and download the new country music EP by Garreth Clark

Influenced by chart-topping music acts like Chris Robinson, Boyce Callahan, John Mayer and Dave Barnes, Garrett Clark is a country artist with extreme passion for music and multiple talents. He plays the guitar, bass, drums, and lap-steel, and has a comforting, reassuring voice, and an exceptional way with words.

Garrett is from Alabama in the US and is an active member of the US Army. His sound has been described as "deeply moving", and "uplifting". His first official EP, Garreth Clark EP which featured 4 of his top recorded works debuted on iTunes and other digital music services on the 22nd of December, 2016 and is also available to stream free on Reverbnation.


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02-08-2017 22:57 GMT


Listen to Paradise and download free on Soundcloud. Discover more new songs on Pavali's Soundcoud page

Just over a month after his latest single, "Tha Truth", Paavali announced the completion of his latest track, "Paradise Remix".

Raw, gripping and dark, the new song by the prolific, fast-rising Tennessee, US rap artist, a remix of Big Sean's single, "Paradise" was officially released on the 31st of May.

Paradise Remix is available on Soundcloud and other free music streaming services.


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01-08-2017 10:20 GMT


New music by DJ Fomo will be released on Warpoint Records, DJ Fomo's independent record label

It's been over a year since the latest chart-topping independent music release, "Raise 'Em", which recorded numbers never seen before, by Maryland DJ and producer duo, The Socialytes. The stellar, multi-talented, show-stopping duo confirmed that they had been looking into working on separate projects at the time while continuing with their group projects as they had done for years and DJ Fomo had in fact already started recording and releasing solo projects. 

After years of keeping Maryland, USA's thriving EDM scene buzzing with authentic, groundbreaking House records and throwing some of the most rewarding parties and live music events the region had ever experienced, fans were sad to hear any news that even mildy suggested that the duo may soon seize to exist, but nevertheless, they endeavor to keep the music coming and keep the parties going whether solo or as a group. 

Fomo, who recently set up an independent record label, Warpoint Records, released his latest single, "Vibes" on the 23rd of June, 2017 and recently also confirmed that he has been working on a new solo EP, which is being wrapped up and almost ready to be released.

Vibes, the new song is available to stream and download free on Soundcloud and other popular free music websites.

Discover the latest news about DJ Fomo's new music project and record label


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31-07-2017 20:02 GMT


Listen to "Dirt Road Dreams" free and download mp3 free on Soundcloud - Released July 27, 2017

US independent rapper, Six9 released his latest project, "Dirt Road Dreams" on the 23rd of July. With a whopping 15 solid tracks and only one or two major features, Six9 delivers a full dose of his essence in hip hop to loyal fans who have eagerly anticipated the mixtape's release for a while now. Back in 2015, Six9, currently ranked amongst the top independent hip hop artists in Georgia, took the region by surprise with the singles, "Black" featuring 2Chainz, and "Kamasutra" featuring Lil' Wayne, which caused pandemonium in stores, online and in the clubs from Altanta's buzy hip hop music scene where his roots stem from to the rest of the country.

In his new mixtape, Six9's bossy demeanor florishes in a plethora of cutting edge speaker knocking beats as he tells his story and takes fans on a sensational, inspirational and motivational ride like only he knows how.

Dirt Road Dreams is available to listen to and download free on Soundcloud.

Download Six9's latest music release in mp3 free on Soundcloud


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01-08-2017 07:07 GMT
ORIGINAL 03/07/2017


New music by canadian singer songwriter tara kye

For many superhumans, fighting crime, defeating notorious adversaries that just keep coming back, protecting the innocent and asserting full dominance over their territories is always top of the agenda. But aside from the sense of purpose and fulfilment, and the rush that results from achieving their goals there's only one thing that could top the satisfaction of victory, and that's having a kick ass theme song to kick some ass to in the heat of the moment.

Canadian rock singer, Tara Kye recently unveiled her latest work of art, "Shera", a song centered around a superheroine who is queen of the jungle. Following in the footsteps of many of Tara's previous singles, it is empowering and motivational. According to Tara, who has now been professionally recording and releasing music independently for just over a year or two, it was the first song she ever wrote and it was written with the help of close friends.

Shera was officially released on the 6th of June and is available to stream and download on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and other top music stores and independent music outlets worldwide.

Listen to Shera and Download on iTunes:


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01-08-2017 06:15 GMT
ORIGINAL 22/07/17


Can you sing and dance? And do you have a larger than life personality?

They've got their own local radio show, they've opened for and shared stages with some of the biggest names in entertainment and are favorites at music festivals across the US. Dorothy Milone is one of the hottest rising multi-ethnic R&B groups in Washington, USA, and they are looking for a new member to make the group a quartet.

If you can sing and dance, and have a larger than life personality then it could be you. Contact Dorothy Milone at the email address provided as soon as possible for an audition.


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