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BEST POP SONG : S|IMA. | 2018.

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S|IMA. | 2018.
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SRL Independent Music Awards 2018 - Best Pop Song 2018 - Saachi Sen

Eclectic indie-pop group. With some jazz and rock thrown in.

Saachi was formed in 2015 and has since played to packed out audiences at the iconic Camden Assembly, Upstairs at the Garage and the Cambridge Junction. Their first single ‘Anaesthetise’ was released in September 2017, and is featured on a number of international music blogs and playlists. They also achieved finalist status in the Isle of Wight Festival’s ‘New Blood’ competition as one of 8 out of over 2000 entrant acts, as well as Cambridge Band Competition, broadcast on Cambridge TV and radio.

Frontwoman Saachi Sen is an experienced live performer and songwriter, having played festivals like Roundhouse Rising and Reverb, Southbank's Alchemy, and even the House of Commons. She's a recipient of PRS for Music's Lynsey de Paul songwriting prize, and was named as a Roundhouse Resident Artist for 2017-18.

Every Saachi gig is a chance to hear something new, fresh and unexpected. Follow the band's journey across all their socials and find their music on Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube.

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SRL Independent Music Awards 2018 - Best Pop Song 2018 - Trevor Ohlsen

Based out of Michigan, Trevor's music, according to EarToTheGroundMusic has "depth to the songwriting that feels familiar, yet fresh." The "more I listen to it, the more I like it" kind of music. Often compared to artists such as Ed Sheeran, Ohlsen "is carving out his own niche with a sincerity and bright tenor vocal that is sure to make him many fans."

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SRL Independent Music Awards 2018 - Best Pop Song 2018 - The Keymakers

Meet The Keymakers - Rome Alexander and Rederic. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, USA, the two brothers now live together in Boston. Though very close from an early age, they worked on music almost completely independently until 2016. Under the guidance of Jesse Christophr and the AMAG artist collective, founded and headed by industry leader Anshuman “AM” Sharma, the two have been developing their artistry and writing and producing for others, which has included traveling each month to both Miami and Toronto for studio sessions with other talented musicians and producers. Just a few months after they began collaborating, the duo was working with high-profile artists, earning their first placement with Canadian artist, Kristina Maria and Celine Dion's former manager, Vito Luprano. While they continued to write and produce for other artists, working closely with the AMAG team, the two were eager to launch their career as a duo and pour their creative energy into the project. “We’ve got so much music in our heads that we want to get out to the masses,” said Rederic. “We’ve honed a unique sound, and we’ll be experimenting with a bunch of different styles and genres that I think will surprise a lot of people”. Rome added, "‘Good for You’ is a great taste of what we’re trying to do, but we’ve got so much music that we really think people are going to enjoy". Two top singles later, and it's safe to say The Keymakers are already on their way to becoming an R&B music sensation that will never be forgotten.

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SRL Independent Music Awards 2018 - Best Pop Song 2018 - The Bilinda Butchers

The Bilinda Butchers are a Dream Pop group based in San Francisco, USA who take their name from My Bloody Valentine guitarist and early inspiration, Bilinda Butcher. The group experiments with genre-blending and dramatic themes to create sprawling, cinematic music.

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SRL Independent Music Awards 2018 - Best Pop Song 2018 - Crystal Starr

Starr is a powerful and committed advocate and spokeswoman for fostered and adopted youth – She has dedicated her gift of song and production to the advancement of uplifting and inspiring women and children. Specifically through her work as Co-founder of Little Voices, a non profit that produces concerts and internships for foster youth around the world.

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SRL Independent Music Awards 2018 - Best Pop Song 2018 - Idrise

Dedicated, driven and ambitious are just a few words that describe Idrise. He is a singer, songwriter, sound engineer and all round producer and his creative flair knows no bounds. His sound is rich, unique and authentic, and is a product of his love for music of the '70s, '80s and '90s - a sound that attracks listeners and fans from almost any demographic. He is a pioneer in a lane of his own, a genre which he likes to call “Pop & B”. Idrise is Fluent in 4 languages, is a Staff Sergeant in the US Air Force, and has a degree in Arabic studies. He grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area of California where he began singing and dancing; all throughout middle school and high school taking part in everything from choirs to break-dance crews. Soon after graduating high-school, he felt the need to be on stage again and with this intense desire, he went on to back-up dance for a pop artist in Southern California, performing at several venues in the area including the House of Blues, in Hollywood. In 2010, while stationed at Fort Meade, Maryland, USA he stepped into the booth to record his first single and has never looked back since.

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SRL Independent Music Awards 2018 - Best Pop Song 2018 - Christie Huff

Christie Huff is an upcoming country singer songwriter from Arizona, USA. Just 19, she has already impressed audiences in Nashville, Hawaii, Utah, Southern California, and of course, in her home state of Arizona. Christie has been busy writing songs and recording since she graduated from High School. Her inspiration comes from her experiences as a young woman, as well as the experiences of others in her life. One of her favorite songs, Soldier Song, was inspired when a friend’s husband was deployed to Iraq. Like all of Christie’s music, it combines her soulful vocals with a Nashville sound.

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