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SRL Independent Music Awards 2018 - Best Pop Music Video 2018 - Drew Sestito

Making his debut in 2015 with his debut single, "Stitched" and EP, "Empty Pockets", Drew Sestito was quick to cement his name in the minds of pop music fans, critics and industry insiders. "Empty Pockets" is a 5 track album that displays a unique and very much appreciated approach to the genre right from the instrumentation and lyrics to the overall feel of every song. Drew became one of the top new artists to watch on Philly's local independent (indie) pop music scene and one of the most talented from the region in a very long time. He continues to write and release new records regularly and has already started building a solid repertoire of songs that are guaranteed to take him to the top including new tracks like "T.O.O" and "Girl With the Flower Tatoo", which have been hailed as some of his best recordings so far.

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SRL Independent Music Awards 2018 - Best Pop Music Video 2018 - Trevor Ohlsen

Born in Iron Mountain, a small town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, USA, Trevor lived a simple ordinary life. Around the age of ten he asked his dad if he could get a guitar, and at the same time started taking piano lessons. He fell in love. Music started taking over his life, and he was completely okay with that. Fast forward nearly ten years, two independent albums, two singles and countless gigs along the way, here we are. Trevor is currently living just outside the Twin Cities pursuing music full time, working on a new EP and building up a following. He is still an independent artist but has no doubt that one day he'll sign a deal with a reputable record company.

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SRL Independent Music Awards 2018 - Best Pop Music Video 2018 - Hannah Gill

Hannah Gill & The Hours combines '70s lo-fi pop and rock with contemporary soul and blues and transforms them into sweet and sultry songs that overflow with passionate feelings. Steered by the creative direction and voice of soulful 19-year old vocal powerhouse and songwriter Hannah Gill combined with skilled guitarist, songwriter and arranger Brad Hammonds, the group offers up music with contagious melodies and mindful lyrics. Each song presents a thrilling story about how humans connect through their experiences and reveals the intrepid singer’s intimate perspectives on love, loss, longing, hope and transformation. Gill’s lush voice, Hammonds’ sparkling fretwork and both members’ background in improvisational jazz give the duo’s hypnotic recordings and dynamic live performances otherworldly gravity. Hannah Gill & The Hours’ debut EP, The Water was released on iTunes on the 13th of May, 2016.

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SRL Independent Music Awards 2018 - Best Pop Music Video 2018 - Saachi Sen

Indie pop singer songwriter, Saachi Sen has performed at various iconic London venues, including St Paul’s Church Yard, the British Music Experience, the Nehru Centre in Mayfair, the London Jazz Festival, the Pizza Express Jazz Club in Soho and the Royal Albert Hall, just to name a few. She won the EMI/Roundhouse Records competition, 30/30 to record her song, "Heal" and was invited to perform at the House of Commons for a parliamentarian reception evening. Saachi was formed in 2015 and has since played to packed out audiences at the iconic Camden Assembly, Upstairs at the Garage and the Cambridge Junction. Their first single ‘Anaesthetise’ was released in September 2017, and is featured on a number of international music blogs and playlists. They also achieved finalist status in the Isle of Wight Festival’s ‘New Blood’ competition as one of 8 out of over 2000 entrant acts, as well as Cambridge Band Competition, broadcast on Cambridge TV and radio. Frontwoman, Saachi Sen is an experienced live performer and songwriter, having played festivals like Roundhouse Rising and Reverb, Southbank's Alchemy, and even the House of Commons. She's a recipient of PRS for Music's Lynsey de Paul songwriting prize, and was named as a Roundhouse Resident Artist for 2017-18. Every Saachi gig is a chance to hear something new, fresh and unexpected. Follow the band's journey across all their socials and find their music on Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube.

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SRL Independent Music Awards 2018 - Best Pop Music Video 2018 - Crystal Starr

Crystal Starr began singing in church in her hometown of West Covina, California. She landed her first professional gig at age sixteen singing background for Pop sensation Jessica Simpson. In between classes at Santa Monica College where Crystal majored in music, she shared the stage with major artists Stevie Wonder, Yolanda Adams, Kanye West, Jermaine Jackson, Tito Jackson, Heather Headley, Neyo, Nancy Wilson, John Legend, Babyface, Howard McCrary, Joss Stone and Smokey Robinson, and also appeared on hit TV show American Idol. Being bilingual, Crystal recently toured as a featured vocalist with Latin superstars Joan Sebastian and Cristian Castro to audiences of sometimes 30,000. Not only has Crystal sung on stage with many legendary singers, she recently had the opportunity to open up a Tribute Concert for the amazing Stevie Wonder with headliners like Chaka Kahn, Eric Benet and Bobby Brown at the Gibson Universal Amphitheater. Crystal just returned from starring in the Broadway musical “Baby it’s You,” where she performed nightly for industry veterans such as Quincy Jones, Clive Davis, Rod Stewart, the late Don Cornelious, and the breath taking Aretha Franklin. She is now once again starring in a Broadway bound musical entitled "Boy From New York City" produced by Scott Prisand of the hit Broadway show and Movie "Rock of Ages" and Directed by Million Dollar Quartet's Floyd Mutrux. She is currently also playing Lena Horne in a Beverly Hills Musical. Her sophomore record is due out August 1st on itunes.

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