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7 Nominees will be shortlisted for this category. The winner will be selected from the 7 nominees. Winners are selected by popular demand so please vote to ensure your favorite nominee wins.
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SRL Independent Music Awards 2018 - Pop Album Of The Year 2018 - The Bilinda Butchers

The Bilinda Butchers [the bbs] are a music group led by Michal Kepsky with accompaniment from Lukas Untersteiner, Adam Honingford and Brock Lowry. They take their name from My Bloody Valentine guitarist and early inspiration, Bilinda Butcher.

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SRL Independent Music Awards 2018 - Pop Album Of The Year 2018 - Crystal Starr


Starr is a powerful and committed advocate and spokeswoman for fostered and adopted youth – She has dedicated her gift of song and production to the advancement of uplifting and inspiring women and children. Specifically through her work as Co-founder of Little Voices, a non profit that produces concerts and internships for foster youth around the world.

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SRL Independent Music Awards 2018 - Pop Album Of The Year 2018 - Hannah Gill

Hannah Gill combines 70s lo-fi pop and rock with contemporary soul and blues and transforms them into sweet and sultry songs that overflow with feeling. Steered by soulful 20-year old vocal powerhouse and songwriter Hannah Gill combined with skilled guitarist, songwriter and arranger Brad Hammonds, the group offers up music with contagious melodies and wise lyrics. Each song presents a thrilling story about how humans connect through their experiences that reveals the intrepid singer’s intimate perspectives on love, loss, longing, hope and transformation. Gill’s lush voice, Hammonds’ sparkling fretwork and both members’ background in improvisational jazz give the duo’s hypnotic recordings and dynamic live performances otherworldly gravity.

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SRL Independent Music Awards 2018 - Pop Album Of The Year 2018 - Tate

A truly unique voice - unmistakably powerful beyond its years with a grit, passion and rawness that is sorely lacking in the current charts. An old-soul's voice housed in a fresh young spirit with an irresistible energy. Shades of Lauryn Hill, Mary J. Blige and Christina Aguilera combined with the attitude and flow to back it up. This is TATE, a born-to-sing girl who was clearly placed on this planet to move the world with her music. Are you ready?

Be it a party song, inspirational banger or gut-wrenching ballad, these are message songs at heart. The current state of the world calls for songs that provoke thought and action, love and protest. TATE rises to the call by writing and singing what she knows - growing up in a rough neighborhood, pain, struggle, loss, hustle, survival, along with faith, hope, Angels, signs and a fierce embrace of destiny and purpose.

Born Margaret Tate Gabbard in Lexington, KY and raised in Wilmington, DE, TATE was influenced early on by her father's love for music and vinyl collection. The likes of Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, and Janis Joplin were in heavy rotation in her youth. As a teen, she discovered hip hop and rap, the music that "changed her life." You'll catch more recent influences like Drake, Rihanna, and Missy Elliot in her music, but TATE's style is her very own - Urban Pop with a futuristic edge.

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SRL Independent Music Awards 2018 - Pop Album Of The Year 2018 - Drew Sestito

Drew Sestito is a new singer songwriter of the acoustic pop genre. He blends together his unique style of writing lyrics, and guitar instrumentals.

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  • Robin Tinholt - Country Pop Singer - Elverum, Norway : Listen

  • Rikke Normann - Alternative Pop Singer - Oslo, Norway : Listen

  • Elix Risque - Pop Singer - Oklahoma, USA : Listen

  • Christine Chan - Pop Singer - Singapore : Listen

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