Music Awards, 2018: Best Alternative Music Video | Stream Free | Top Indie Artists/Bands

Music Awards, 2018: Best Alternative Music Video | Stream Free | Top Indie Artists/Bands


A few informational videos, interviews, music videos and behind the scenes clips from your 7 official nominees

7 Nominees will be shortlisted for this category. The winner will be selected from the 7 nominees. Winners are selected by popular demand so please vote to ensure your favorite nominee wins.
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Nominate an Independent Artist, Musician or Band from the list of contenders to help them secure one of the 7 Nominee Slots. You can also nominate your favorite Independent Artists, Musicians or Bands even if they are not listed. Tweet NOMINATE ARTIST/BAND NAME and the AWARD CATEGORY @SkunkRadioLive or post at the bottom of this page.

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Musicians, Artists, Bands and Independent Record Labels are more than welcome to submit music.

Nominations and voting for the 2018 S|IMA ends November 30, 2018. Winners will be announced shortly after.

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S|IMA. | 2018.
To vote for your favorite nominee Tweet ARTIST/BAND NAME and THE CATEGORY @SkunkRadioLive or post a comment at the bottom of this page.








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Vote for your favorite of the 7 official nominees or browse the contenders further down and nominate someone by sharing your thoughts in the comments section below. You can also nominate independent (indie), emerging, unsigned, underground and upcoming artists who are not on the official list of contenders. Start your comment with the word "NOMINATE", followed by ARTIST/BAND NAME and AWARD CATEGORY to nominate. Vote for 1 of the 7 official nominees to win the award at anytime by starting your comment with the ARTIST/BAND NAME and AWARD CATEGORY. You can also vote by Tweeting the aforementioned @SkunkRadioLive on Twitter.

CONTENDERS.Vote for your favorite contenders below to help them secure 1 of the 7 nominee slots. Tweet NOMINATE ARTIST/BAND NAME and the AWARD CATEGORY @SkunkRadioLive or post at the bottom of this page. If you know an Independent Artist, Band or Musician that is not listed here, please nominate them as well.

  • Array of Thistles - Alternative Band - Albuquerque, USA : Listen

  • Marshall Potts - Alternative Rock - British Columbia, Canada : Listen

  • Tai Pei - Alternative Indie Pop Band - Finland : Discover

  • Emily Nance - Alternative Music - California, USA : Discover

  • The Apollo Era - Alternative Rock Band - California, USA : Stream

  • Armchair Soldiers - Alternative Rock - Noble Park, Australia : Listen

  • Gumshen - Alternative Indie - Washington, USA : Watch

  • Dan Allaby - Alternative Rock - Isle of Skye, UK : Watch

  • Joy Ketel - Alternative Singer - Oirschot, Netherlands : Listen

  • The Born Again Hindus - Alternative - West Virginia, USA : Listen

  • Auramancer - Alternative Rock - Bruxelles, Belgium : Discover|Listen

  • Good Friday - Alternative Music - Oregon, USA : Listen

  • Japor - Alternative Rock Music - Coxley Green, UK : Listen

  • The Caste - Alternative Rock Music - Indiana, USA : Listen

  • Venustra - Alternative Hard Rock Music - Texas, USA : Listen

  • William Charlson - Alternative Rock Music - California, USA : Listen

  • Adam Stigall - Alternative Folk Music - Westminster, USA : Listen

  • The Castle - Alternative Music - Indianna, USA : Listen

  • Wyatt Rivers - Alternative Rock Singer - Florida, USA : Listen

  • Immersion - Alternative Rock - Edmonton, Canada : Listen

  • Ralph Pezzullo - Alternative Rock - California, USA : Listen

  • Flipten - Alternative Music - Stenungsund, Sweden : Listen

  • Tony Halliwell - Alternative Rock - Surrey, United Kingdom : Listen

  • Brandon Jack - Alternative Rock - Sydney, Australia : Listen

  • The Box - Alternative Rock - Milan, Italy : Listen

  • Minna Stenberg -Alternative Rock - Tuusula, Finland : Listen

  • ReverB+ - Alternative Rock - St. Petersburg, Russia : Listen

  • Glen Bozo - Alternative Rock - Switzerland : Listen

  • Jason Abranches - Alternative Rock - Kihei Maui, USA : Listen

  • Conducta Impropia - Alternative Rock - Castellon De La Plana, Spain : Listen

  • Antoine Izoulet - Alternative Rock - Merignac, France : Listen

  • Chris Lewington - Alternative Rock - Dartford, UK : Listen

  • Geetu Hinduja - Alternative Music - Mumbai, India : Listen

  • Grady Liang - Alternative Rock - New York, USA : Listen

  • Caelo - Alternative Rock - Cape Town, South Africa : Listen

  • Rikke Normann - Alternative Pop Singer - Oslo, Norway : Listen

  • Laura 99 - Alternative Music - Lagos, Nigeria : Listen

  • John & Betty - Alternative Music Band - Paris, France : Listen

  • Tobiah Frei - Alternative R&B - Oxford, UK : Listen

  • Waira - Alternative Music - Italy : Watch Video

  • Endu - Alternative Rock - Lenzburg, Switzerland : Listen

  • Brad Bass - Alternative Rock - Oregon, USA : Listen

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