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27-09-2017 11:40 GM


If you like your 90s R&B music and you like listening to new songs and albums that are similar to artists from the 90s era, then listen to Dorothy Milone, the hottest new R&B girl group of this decade, from Washington, DC, USA

They've been hailed the hottest multi ethnic R&B group the music industry has seen for a very long time, and just months after DC radio hostesses and R&B trio, Dorothy Milone announced that they were doing some re-shuffling and reinventing the group, it seems like they are finally ready to resume their conquest.

Photos from a recent photoshoot show a lot of new faces and reveal a different line up with familiar faces missing, but details of the official new line up are yet to be confirmed.

With top hit records like, "Bad One" and "Wasabi" released back in 2016, the band spoke to the a neglected fan base of R&B lovers who like R&B girl groups like The Supremes, TLC, Xcape, 702, All Saints, Desiny's Child, Expose, Allure, Blaque, Brownstone, Changes Faces  and En Vogue.

With only a few songs under their belt they have managed to become an essential and much needed part of the music industry and the entertainment industry as a whole while painting a colorful, family-friendly picture highlighting the beauty and warmth of racial equality and togetherness.

Fans are holding on tight to their seats to find out what the band has planned for Autumn, 2017.

Are Dorothy Milone the best new R&B group of 2017? Find out what the Washington, DC, US R&B group and top DC radio hosts are up to in 2017

Stream|Download Dorothy Milone's top hits free and download free mp3s:


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25-09-2017 18:24 GMT


The latest song by Mississippi underground rapper turned international hip hop artist, COOLIDGE has been scheduled for release in autumn, 2017

Having completed 2 tours of Bermuda, released 4 top hit singles and a new mixtape, and gigged rigorously all year round while taking time out to recollect and reflect upon his journeys in the studio, it's been a huge year for Coolidge already but it just keeps getting more exciting, and even more so for the exceptional underground rapper turned international recording artist's fans.

With Drevo'17 at the top of the agenda, Coolidge isn't stopping anytime soon, making sure to make at least 3 minutes of every local radio station's air time his and dominating on local and national music scenes, not just in the US where he is based but also in Bermuda where he originates from.

His latest mixtape, "Doomsday Device" has been scheduled for release on the 13th of October, 2017 on Spinrilla, just three months after Drevo'17. Details of other distribution outlets and availability on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music and other subscription music services will be announced closer to the date of release.

Listen to Coolidge's new song and find similar rappers that sound alike lyrics-wise and production-wise

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24-09-2017 18:24 GMT


Find East Coast rappers like Wu Tang, RZA, GZA, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Method Man, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, U-God, Masta Killa and Cappadonna

When Staten Island, New York City rap group, the Wu Tang Clan burst onto the scene in the 90s, hip hop fans knew there would never be a sound similar to theirs ever again. It was and still is complex, insightful, utterly infectious, original and masterful in ways that could never fully be understood or explained.

Many have tried to adopt their style and sound but their lyrical content, which revolves around deep scientific and metaphysical principles is almost impossible to duplicate without indepth knowledge of such subject matters.

A few years back the South Carolina, US rapper, Kairo Myth changed all that. After years secretly honing his craft and defining his sound behind closed doors Kairo emerged with a powerful, masterful and original sound that brought the subgenre of Shaolin Hip Hop back to life. Self-produced from start to finish, Kairo's music is deeply immersive and his sound currently ranks in a category of its own as one of rap music's most authentic sounds of this decade.

Kairo has been known to perform to niche audiences in and around his home region but recently announced that he'll be performing to a much larger and more diverse crowd spanning music and art fans and people from all works of life at this year's annual MOJA Arts Festival in Charleston a top event in the region which celebrates African-American and Caribbean art. 

If you like East Coast rappers like RZA, GZA, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Method Man, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, U-God, Masta Killa and Cappadonna then you wouldn't miss it for the world.

The festival takes place from the 28th of September till the 8th of October, 2017. Kairo Myth is scheduled to perform on the 29th of September during the Block Party at Brittle Bank Park* ashe'.

More details are available on the festival website or on the Skunk Radio Live Events page.

Find new rappers with that East Coast sound - Artists like Wu Tang, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Method Man, Mastah Killah, Raekwon, RZA and GZA

Stream|Download Kairo Myth's Top Hits:


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Find the latest new singles and albums of Autumn, 2017 in Canada right now and discover top new artists and bands and similar acts

If anyone knows how to intensify the build up to an album and get fans' ears watering right up to the very second before its release, it's none other than Canadian rock artist, Tara Kye. Tara has proven to be one of the most hard working emerging artists in British Columbia, and possibly in Canada as a whole even. Over the past 12 months alone she has released close to 10 singles back to back almost every month. She released a 6 track EP, "Tortured Love" in February, which treated fans to her top releases prior to the EP, including the title track, "Tortured Love" which was her latest single at the time. Similarly, in August she released the single "Freedom Rocks" shortly before announcing her new album "Freedom Rocks" which was released on the 21st of August, 2017. 

It's been an exciting year for Tara's fans, and an even more exciting year for Tara whose passion is to inspire and motivate the world through music. She sprung onto Canada's rock scene with a distinctive, captivating, organic rock sound that pays homage to the authentic sounds of the genre whilst skillfully incorporating elements from other genres without compromising its integrity with the help of Canadian musician, John Dean, who taught her how to play the piano and has since worked with her on many of her songs.

Her latest album demonstrates her growth as an artist over the past year and features 10 songs including many of her previous hits. "Freedom Rocks" is available to download on iTunes, and stream on Apple Music and Spotify.

Stream|Download Tara's New Album on iTunes|Apple Music:


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20-09-2017 19:00 GMT


If you are looking for the top rappers of 2017 then you are in the right place and you'll find that Brooklyn hip hop artist, Kai'Son sits right at the top of the list hands down in terms of vocal delivery, lyricism and overall production in a REAL HIP HOP context

Put plainly and simply, Kai'Son is to hip hop music in 2017 what Martin Luther King was to the Civil Rights Movement, and coincidentally, his top 3 songs, "King's Speech" part 1, 2 and 3, all freestyles, are his most talked about tracks, and have been revered as some of the most highly regarded underground hip hop freestyles of this decade.

Resonating lyrically and sonically (fundamentally) alongside the likes of artists like Kendrick Lamar, the Brownsville, New York native has set a standard for his music higher than even the most dedicated real hip hop fans could dream of in their wildest fantasies.

If other people's (rappers) bank account balances, sexual conquests and car fetishes are not at the top of your list of requirements when you are listening to or discovering new music, or you prefer to stay clear of artists who focus primarily on similar subject matters in their lyrics then Kai'Son will make your day every single time. His intelligently delivered, carefully crafted, meaningful, insightful, story-telling rhymes and lyrical flows will speak to your soul in ways the works of musical acts like the Wu Tang Clan, Mos Def, Nas, Guru, Redman, Method Man, and even Tupac and the Notorious BIG spoke to the souls of their respective fan bases.

Kai'Son's debut mixtape, "Soulstice" was released back in August, 2013 when he was also known as Rad Chaz, and anyone who knows hip hop and who was fortunate to discover it at the time has followed closely ever since.

The cover of "Soulstice 2", his latest mixtape was recently released along with the first single of the mixtape, "Hot Today" and a music video for the single.

Streaming and download links for the new mixtape are expected to be announced soon.

Listen to the new mixtape and download mp3s of the songs - Watch this space for links - Watch the music video of the first single off the mixtape on YouTube and listen free on Soundcloud

Listen to Hot Today the first single off Soulstice 2:

Watch the official music video for Hot Today on YouTube:


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20-09-2017 16:46 GMT

Happy Birthday Dee Jay! 

Discover music producers and music production experts in rock music and electronic rock music

He is one of the most popular dogs in rock music today, but Love X Stereo's unofficial third member is not stopping there. After achieving rock superstardom when the sensational South Korean electronic rock duo, formerly a trio, independently soared above all similar and not so similar artists, bands and producers in their home region of Seoul in South Korea and beyond, Dee Jay quickly became a heart-throb, finding a place close to the hearts of many. He recently scored his first gig as the face of a new campaign by the Humane Society International, a charity protecting animals around the world. Dee Jay also had cause to celebrate late last year after a successful pregnancy (hopefully planned) that brought puppy, Little Dee Jay into the world.

Sure the kind and gentle, charismatic Labrador Retriever may always in the mood for a power nap, farts anytime and anywhere the mood strikes, walk around bare chested all the time flaunting his broad shoulders, amazing pecs and glorious abs, and take part in rehearsals or contribute to new music whenever if ever, but Dee Jay is still Love X Stereo's favorite band member and that will never change.

This week we join in celebrating Dee Jay's birthday as wishes of prosperity and good fortune pour in from music fans, friends and followers around the world.

Discover how your favorite artists and bands made a name for themselves - from their first records as emerging acts to their latest records as world renowned acts
Pictured: Dee Jay at Humane Society International photo shoot

Follow Dee Jay on Instagram:


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20-09-2017 15:05 GMT

Christie Huff Spreads Her Wings

Discover the best new emerging country music artists and bands around the world in 2017

When she's not busy playing back to back gigs in and around California, touring nationally or plotting her global domination in the world of country music, Christie Huff is in the studio writing amazing country music hit songs that bring joy and re-assurance to the genre's die hard fans.

She could easily be called the best thing country music has seen since artists like Taylor Swift, but that's too easy. She's charming, hardworking, independent, multitalented, a great role model, and she's everything the world of music and entertainment needs to bring that household feel back to our radios and screens in 2017.

If you are tired of your favorite artists turning their lives over to pop in order to reach more fans and dominate in the industry, then look no further than LA's own Christie Huff who has stuck with her roots since her very first song, "Soldier Song" which has been etched deeply in the minds of her loyal fans since its release only a few years back in her final year of school.

Christie has been known to work well with other emerging artists and has had a number of notable collaborations including her recent single, "Ten Tiny Toes" with an indie artist from Nashville, Dani Jack and recently told fans she was out in Nashville again working on a new song with Autumn Knight, another Nashville based singer, songwriter and actress who is also a California girl.

Who is the best new country music singer songwriter since Taylor Swift in 2017? There's no doubt it's Los Angeles Country artist, Christie Huff

Listen|Download Christie Huff's full discography:

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19-09-2017 15:55 GMT


Discover similar pop artists like Liam Keegan, Giuseppe D, Radiopunks, Antonio Fresco

 After recently returning from Frankfurt, Germany where he excelled as an independent artist on the national R&B music scene, California singer, songwriter, producer and sound engineer extraordinare, Idrise has wasted no time pursuing and fulfilling his goal of dominating on the international music market as well. Having already shared the stage with and opened concerts and events for several top international acts like Boyz II Men, Idrise is no stranger to the charts and has had songs on the iTunes Music Charts, MTV charts and other top music platforms.

Following a host of successful records over the course of this year including "Even", his latest single, just released on the 16th of September, "Overtime" has found its way to number 17 on Music Week's Charts in the Commercial Pop category.

The song was released by Idrise on the 27th of June, 2017 to critical acclaim along with a music video shortly after. Idrise has released several new songs since, which are also doing very well stats wise as fans, critics, the music press and music industry insiders alike watch closely for the fast rising independent R&B star's next move.


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19-09-2017 15:08 GMT


Amycanbe is one of the top alternative pop music bands of this decade. Their distinctive, mindful sound makes them fan favorites not just in Italy where they are from but around the world where it's hard to find any similar sound.

They are known for their utterly infectious and satisfying alternative rock classics, and they continuously dominate independently on Italy's rock music scene but Amycanbe also takes time out to lend a helping hand where ever they can to give back to not just their loyal fans and their community, but others in need far away as well. This time they are turning to the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas and contributing their song, "Queens" to the Houston Food Bank's new compilation album which features songs by caring independent and emerging musicians and bands not just in Texas, but from around the world as well.

All proceeds from the album will go directly to the Houston Food Bank to aid anyone who was affected by the hurricane that hit the region only few weeks back.

"Queens" is the tenth song on Amycanbe's latest EP, Wolf, which was released back in April, 2015 and is available for sale on Bandcamp as an mp3 song download or as part of the full mp3 compilation album download. The song stands out on the album and sits comfortably in that crucial track position that marks the pinnacle of the arc where the album climaxes before coming to an abrupt end. The eleven track album, which is still being celebrated by fans with the same excitement as when it was first released is one of the top alternative music albums of this decade and was released independently by the quartet at a time when rock music, not just in Italy but around the world as a whole seemed to be losing its essence to all the amazing new sounds of pop. It brought joy to and continues to bring joy to any die hard rock fans who are fortunate to discover it as the rapidly evolving band makes their journey from their local and national music scenes to the global stage.

If you like songs by artists and bands like Portishead, Morcheeba, The xx, AIR, The Cure, Wolf will take you back to an era in rock when the genre stood for causes and played vital roles in shaping the cultures and mind states of generations positively.

Download "Queens" as a single mp3 or with the full Houston Food Bank compilation album to show your support for the victims of Hurrican Harvey.

Discover Italian alternative pop music, artists and bands and similar sounds and lyrics to your favorite new rock songs of 2017

Listen|Download Queens on Bandcamp:

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18-09-2017 18:45 GMT

Trevor Ohlsen Goes Deep

Discover the hottest new musicians and bands of 2017 in the rock music genre. Find similar artists - Find artists like Nial Horan, Kodaline and Sting

The music and entertainment industries haven't seen an artist like Trevor Ohlsen in a very long time. Humble, charming, down to earth, positive, uplifting and refreshing, not to mention exceptional talent, good hair and biceps you won't be able to keep your hands and eyes off, Trevor has it all. 

The Minneapolis, US native in his early twenties, whose small but essential catalog of original rock songs is quickly becoming the envy of many emerging and established artists in the genre boasts all the good sounds and values rock music fans fell in love with and stick with the genre for.

Trevor's fans are also treated to covers of top new pop and rock songs weekly and have enjoyed the luxury of hearing their favorite new songs and old classics in a fresh new light since he made his debut only a few years back with the release of memorable classic songs like "This World Could Be Beautiful" - a deeply moving, inspirational and reassuring song about world peace, but being the giver the he is, he went a step further this week and is treating fans to a whopping 7 songs back to back over 7 days. If you like artists like Niall Horan and sting, and bands like Kodaline, then you'll enjoy "7 songs | 7 days", the new web series on YouTube by Trevor Ohlsen.

Watch the full series and discover original rock songs and covers:


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15-09-2017 22:02 GMT


Artists like St. Louis rapper, Chingy always deliver unique sounds and records that are nothing similar to anything out there at the time

Famous for his debut record, "Jackpot" back in 2003, artists like Chingy have over the years become known to never disappoint when it come to new music. They never release anything similar to any artists topping the charts at the time, and they always take their time to ensure that fans are not just happy but fully and utterly satisfied. Sure, they may not release music as often as others but when they do, it's well worth the wait. Chingy's last single, "You" was released back in January, 2016 and then quickly followed by his mixtape, "The Purge" in March the same year. The mixtape showed his growth as an artist and treated fans to a delightful blend of Chingy's signature nursery rhyme style with the best of the new sounds and production techniques of hip hop music today. 

Sadly, Chingy lost his mother earlier this year in April which could be one of the reasons for the delay between projects as the multiplatinum rap star makes his come back after quieting down for a few years.

After announcing a series of new projects in the works and a possible album on the way a few months back, St. Louis' very own has made it official and announced the release date of his new single which will be available from the 27th of October, 2017 on iTunes and other digital music retailers.

We also got some footage of Chingy working on a new video.

Watch the video on facebook:

Listen to Chingy's latest mixtape, "The Purge" free:

Discover new artists based on the artists and music you like, find new songs and albums to listen to and download free, and watch music videos

Chingy's Website:

Hip Hop Music


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15-09-2017 20:55 GMT


He's one of the hottest rappers in 2017 and Atlanta's best underground rapper ever, and Six9 is about to come out with some new music for 2017

He's one of the hottest underground rappers to emerge from Atlanta's hip hop scene in a very long time, and Six9 is just getting started. If you like artists like Rick Ross and music that is nothing similar to anything you've ever heard before, then Six9 is your man. His latest mixtape, Dirt Road Dreams, released in July, 2017 is still causing pandemonium in Atlanta and making its way around the US at a rapid pace but Six9 is reportedly already working on a new project with a hot new South Carolina music producer, Critty. We had the rare opportunity of seeing live footage of Six9 in the studio with Critty.

Watch the video on facebook:

Listen to Six9's new mixtape free:

Six9's Website:

Hip Hop Music


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