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Music Promotion Websites for New Artists

Best music promotion services online - from top music blogs to professional music promoters, publicists and PR companies, discover the very best and some of the most important places to promote your music, videos and concerts online, promote your itunes downloads, music apps, spotify songs and albums, YouTube videos, Soundcloud pages and CD Baby music releases to get the maximum possible publicity using these links. Getting discovered by more fans and music industry professionals, music managers, record labels and music publishers doesn't need to be a hassle. There are several types of companies and promoters that can help you but you need to know how to approach them professionally and make them take you seriously. The list below is not a magic list that will make you a star. It must be used carefully and creatively to get the best of it. Don't just run through it and collect emails then bombard them all with the same copied and pasted text. Research each of them first because they all have different ways of promoting music and all have different procedures for submitting music. Not every blogger or promoter will accept submissions by email so you'll need to check with each of them first to find out how the accept new music submissions. If you are a new band and are not familiar with music industry terminology or procedures then don't be shy to ask about anything you are unclear about. Approaching people and companies professionally could make that crutial difference between your music being accepted for promotion and you being ignored. It's important to be respectful and sensible. Greet people correctly before anything and use names if you know their names. Sending out random messages will get you no where most of the time in the music industry today because every newbie out there is doing it or has tried it already. Submitting your new song, EP, mixtape or album cover, designed to the highest standard of course, an mp3 and a link to one of your most active music pages or your website, a very short one or two line bio, a little history, your vision if you have one and a little teaser letting the promoter know what to expect if they listen and how your music will add value to their blog, website, service or app's user's experience will generally be enough to get your foot in the door in cases where email submissions are accepted. In rare cases nowadays you may be asked to send the same by post, in which case the only difference would be sending a CD, which should also be of the highest possible quality, designed by a professional album/CD cover designer if possible.
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