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09-09-2017 17:17 GMT


Find a similar artist to Christina Custode online via your favorite music discovery service

She's one of Rochester, New York's favorite rising stars but singer songwriter, Christina Custode, whose piano playing abilities and writing styles stay well clear of any and all similarities to any other artist in contemporary music today. Her sound has been described as warming and utterly refreshing and fans have followed her every move since her very first independent music release, "The Mistletoe Song", only a few years back in 2010 and continue to ensure that everything she does is successful.

With all the hustles and bustles of managing an independent music career, and a very successful one at that, the constant gigs in and around New York, recording sessions, photo shoots, video shoots, radio gigs, interviews and other appearances, Christina, who was one of the top acts at this year's Roscoe Singer Songwriter Festival in New York still finds time to support charitable causes and she has done so for years now.

Since Hurricane Harvey struck, the sensational Grammy nominated indie artist has donated all proceeds from one of her newer songs, "High Water" to support the victims. Interested parties and fans can join in and show their support until midnight tonight, the 9th of September, 2017.

Best places to find similar artists to the ones you like won't be able to find an artist that is even remotely similar to Alternative Pop singer, Christina Custode

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09-09-2017 16:16 GMT


Finding hip hop artists similar to your favorites is easy, but you won't find an artist similar to Six9 anywhere in the world of music and entertainment

Fans are calling him the best rapper alive and Six9, known for his bossy rap style and famous for his massive $50k jackpot rolling dice only a few years back, is living up to his name. After several successful independent hip hop records including "Black" with 2 Chainz, and "Kamasutra", with Lil' Wayne, it's no surprise his latest mixtape, "Dirt Road Dreams" is spreading like wild fire and shaking up not just Atlanta's hip hop music landscape but hip hop scenes across the country as well as the multitalented rapper, prepares for world domination. Fans and critics alike have never found a similar hip hop artist and they are celebrating and cherishing the underground hip hop star like no other rapper has ever been celebrated before.

News recently emerged that the self-taught dice master himself was recently in Vegas, but that's all we know and chances are that's all anyone will ever know - "what happens in Vegas..."

Listen to "Dirt Road Dreams" and DOWNLOAD FREE:


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09-09-2017 14:36 GMT

Happy Anniversary Crissi Cochrane & Soul Brother Mike

Crissi and Mike sing Bring It On Home To Me by Sam Cooke to celebrate the anniversary on their weekly podcast, "Get Collected"

If you like soul singer, Sam Cooke and similar artists then last week's episode of "Get Collected", the sensational music podcast hosted by Canadian musicians, Crissi Cochrane and Soul Brother Mike would have been a delightful treat for you.

To celebrate their second wedding anniversary the two multitalented, award-winning independent solo artists treated listeners to a cover of "Bring It On Home To Me", the popular song by Sam released back in the 60s, and it was recorded live, polished and released on Soundcloud for anyone who missed it. 

Crissi made her name playing unique original tunes and writing music that speaks to the hearts of the masses in a way that hasn't been done for a very long time. In 2016, her new song, "Pretty Words" was streamed over 5 million times on Spotify and remains one of the top independent music releases of all time. She continues to gig vigorously throughout Canada and surrounding regions and is on her way to becoming a household name, not just for her immense talents playing the guitar, singing, writing and producing, but also because of the core moral values she holds close to heart that make her an amazing role model for the next generation to look up to and emulate.

Find out how similar Crissi Cochrane is to Sam Cooke and discover the depths of her soulful sound in her cover of "Bring It Home To Me"

Listen to "Bring It On Home To Me" and top songs by Crissi free:

Crissi Cochrane's Website:

Alternative Pop Music


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08-09-2017 17:24 GMT


Discover music by two of Pittsuburg, USA's newest R&B music sensation, Rome Alexander an R&B artist, and Redrick, an EDM producer team up to make good music sound even better

Bands like 30 Seconds To Mars, The Jackson Five, AC/DC, The Bee Gees, My Chemical Romance, The Isley Brothers, Kings Of Leon, No Doubt, Oasis, Radiohead, Young Guns, UB40 and Nickelback have shown us what it sounds like when siblings come together to make music.

After announcing that he'd be teaming up with his little brother and electronic music producer, Redrick only a few months back following a string of sensational and successful music releases together, R&B singer Rome Alexander has delivered on his promise and the two brothers are scheduled to release their first official project as a duo today in Pittsburgh, USA.

Together, Rome and Redrick will be known as The Keymakers and the new song, "Good For You" will premiere at Jay Verno Studios where the single release party is being held. Full details of the event and venue can be found at

Listen to The Keymakers' latest song, "Good For You" from September 8, 2017 - itunes/spotify/mp3 download links coming soon


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29-08-2017 17:37 GMT


You'll discover why Frank's Summer, 2017 EP was so eagerly anticipated once you've listened to even the first song only.

Brooklyn, New York solo rock singer, Frank Palangi is known to have one of the most authentic classic rock sounds not just amongst independent music acts of 2017 but also amongst top mainstream rock acts. His distinctive, hard, gritty, bitterly honest, painfully intrinsic and always positive sound is what his fans have stuck with him for over the years, and after delivering time and time again right from his very first album, "I Am Ready", released in 2013, Frank's fans have also experienced a progressive growth that seems to have reached a noteable climax with the release of his latest song, "Break These Chains" back in 2016, which revealed an even bigger, fuller sound and even more attitude from the self-made Brooklyn rockstar.

With a sensational music video released shortly after which received an unprecedented response from fans, critics, the press and music industry insiders far and wide, the song remains by far one of his top releases to date. Frank has spent most of past year gigging intensively and continues to do so. His latest EP, "Set Me Free" was announced a few months back when he released behind the scenes footage of the music video shoot for the title track, "Set Me Free". The full EP, "Set Me Free" is available to pre-order on iTunes and other digital music stores from today ahead of its official release date on the 2nd of October, 2017.

Frank's Website:

Hard Rock Music


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