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Music Profile: Fly Kaison - Hip Hop Artist - New York, Usa | SRL Networks London Music PR



Discover Hip Hop music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore New York's independent/emerging music scene with Fly Kaison

Fly Kaison
Hip Hop Music Artist
New York, USA


Kai’Son, born in Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York 22 years ago, is an indie hip hop artist and recent college graduate. He embarked upon a music career in May of 2013 upon returning home from college for summer break. Unable to find employment he began working on his first mixtape, an independent project titled Soulstice, which spanned the gamut of musical sounds from old school rap to jazz. Originally capturing his raps on his mother's blackberry, Kai'Son made a decision to finally begin recording in a professional recording studio. Within the first hour of his first professional recording session, he had successfully recorded "CHUM Freestyle" and "Say What I Feel", which were featured on the Soulstice CD.

Kai'Son can best be described as an edutainer - intelligent, conscientious, creative, and a clear speaking lyricist. He released his sophomore mixtape titled "I Am Very Powerful" upon completion of his second year of college. During his 3rd year of college, he traveled to California to work with a music producer recommended to him by a licensing company looking to sign him. He recorded multiple tracks which have yet to be released. He documented his trip in the Cali Kronicles, a video history of his first trip to California with his friends, detailing the work he put in at the studio. Two of the tracks took him to the finals of the Unsigned Only and International Songwriting Competitions in 2015. He won First Place in the 2015 Unsigned Only Competition with the song "I Know You Like Me (Sex-Party-Sex)" in the Digital Distribution special promotion.





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