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Discover the best music promotion/PR services & packages money can't buy

So you want to get your music heard, you want to do it fast, and you want to do it as cost effectively as possible?

You've come to the right place.

Established in 2012, SRL's primary goal is to get independent (indie) music by top unsigned, emerging, underground and upcoming musicians heard by all the right people. This includes fans as well as music industry professionals, managers, A&Rs, labels, publishers, distributors, licensing companies and other companies looking for new talent and music for their projects. We facitlite and actively seek opportunities and deals within the music industry and other related industries to foster the development and progression of artists on the SRL roster. SRL Networks operates on a commission basis whereby a set fee is deducted for any opportunities realised. In 2015, we extended our services to also cater to the needs of non-SRL artists so artists who are not on the roster can have equal opportunity to promote on SRL by purchasing a music promotion package. Full details of promotion packages as well as details on how to join the roster are available in the "Promoting your music" section further down this page.

What we do.
Unlike countless other music promotion services that promise to send your music all over the world with the hope that someone somewhere will eventually pick it up and listen, SRL has got everything and everyone you need right here right now.

Unlike the vast majority of music promotion and PR services both online and offline, SRL invests extensively in dedicated resources focused on cultivating and growing its internal fan base, creating a loyal following and fostering the development of a thriving music community both online and offline. This means that instead of sending music to prospective listeners, fans and industry big wigs all over the world hoping someone somewhere will listen, we bring them to our resources/apps/websites/tools/events and keep them coming back by actively discovering and promoting the best new undiscovered artists, bands, producers, songwriters, DJs and other independent (indie) entertainers around the world.

By 2015, only 3 years after its creation our online radio network, Skunk Radio Live which is available via numerous music and video streaming sites, radio directories, radio apps and other mobile apps around the world had already reached over 7 million listeners worldwide and continues to grow. All our other music promotion resources, websites, initiatives and services including SRL Reviews, SRL Music News, SRLtv, the SRL Auditions, the Indie Artist Directory, the Indie Music YouTube Directory, the Indie Music Tastemaker, the Indie Music Board, the Indie Video Board, the SRL Record Store, SRL Independent Music Awards and Skunk Radio Live Fast Music, just to name a few also followed in the same footsteps and continue to do so.

With all our fans in one place we are in a better position to promote artists on the SRL Roster as well as external acts more effectively and with a higher success rate than many similar music PR and marketing companies. And it is for this reason that not only are we one of the top new destinations for independent (indie) music discovery, streaming and downloads, we are also quickly becoming one of the music industry's top talent discovery platforms.

Promoting your music.
Promoting on SRL is quick and easy - there are two options, which are listed and discussed below:

  • 1. Join the SRL Roster - SRL's fans are responsible for selecting all the artists and bands on the SRL Roster. The selection process is done via the Skunk Radio Live auditions in which artists showcase their music and fans vote if they like it and would like to see/hear more from the respective act(s). Allowing fans to decide who joins the roster means we are able to guarantee a certain amount of success for the acts on our roster. The SRL Auditions is also a great way for record labels and publishers to select artists/bands they would like to keep an eye on by voting as well. Browse this week's auditions at Submit your music for the opportunity to join the SRL roster at

  • 2. Purchase a Music Promotion/PR Package - Artists, bands, musicians and indie/DIY labels that are not on the SRL Roster can still promote on SRL by purchasing a music promotion package at anytime. Whether you are still at the audition stage, you need a one-off promotion package for a new release or you need short-term or long-term music PR to grow your fan base, we've got a full music promotion package for you. Select a music promotion package to start promoting your music immediately at anytime at