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Pop Music Artist
Florida, USA


Fiore, born in California and raised in Florida with an Italian and British heritage is a singer songwriter. Fiore’s career began when she joined her step dad in between his touring to write lyrics and melody at the age of 9, while training to become a ballerina. At the age of 18 her career as a dancer was interrupted by irreversible damage to her lower left tibia, which left her troubled with an injury early in her career unable to continue dancing professionally. After graduating with honors, Fiore spent her follow-up years studying her environment through photography and writing poetry and as a successful business entrepreneur in high demand. Her debut performance was for a small crowd in Alabama followed by a short drive to record her first demo entitled, "Lullaby" at Sun Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

It wasn't long after this demo circulated that she was recognized by producer Michael Sterling, former musical director for Arista BMG - recording artist Blu Cantrell, and former band member for Inner Circle, with hit songwriting abilities that garnered chart topping success for artists such as Usher and Ludacris. While under his music company she released her single "Kiss Me", an exploration into the merging style of folk, and soul with intelligent guitar melodies and souring vocals that gained the attention of musicians Randy Bernsen, and David Shelley (former lead guitarist for Cher) to play for her follow-up single, "Never Give Up."

Her new library of songs were developing attention and songwriting tips from some of the most recognized legends in the industry such as: Dave Mason, Michael Bolton, Fred Caruso (classical musician and producer of the Godfather), and Jeremy Renner, a skilled singer and performer turned celebrity actor, who influenced her success as a songwriter. Before long, offers to remake "Treat Her Like a Lady" from Eddie Cornelius (the Cornelius Brothers), remix offers from former manager of The Clash and co-write offers from Daryl White (son of Barry White) gave her the encouragement to continue writing and performing.

Fiore's music as both a vocalist and a writer was receiving the deserved recognition by media and she continued to write about her inner battles, and insecurities relating to fans around the world.




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