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Skunk Radio Live Profile: 3 Quarters Dead - Metal Band - North Carolina, Usa | SRL Networks London Music PR


Discover Metal music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore North Carolina's independent/emerging music scene with 3 Quarters Dead

3 Quarters Dead
Metal Music Band
North Carolina, USA


Let's take a trip to another world, one that is familiar yet obscured. The blood that flows in the veins of this world evokes memories of the times when the discovery of chaos and beauty was beautiful to you. This combination would leave you 1 quarter in reality and 3 quarters in the dreamscape, or more appropriately, 3 quarters dead.

Jason Sain leads this all star cast with vocals that will take you to such a world. When bands such as Staind and Mudvayne gave you goosebumps Jason takes over where they left off. With beautiful rhythms and intense leads Mark Alexander and Sam Rhodes beautifies the melodic flair and ferocious meat hooks that say to you, "Hey, we're your next favorite band" and you would agree that their guitars are masters of songwriting consciousness. Matt Staley lends his own flair with bass riffs and electricity to bring about specific wow moments and Kenny Wyatt won't stop until he decimates the tracks with thunderous drums.

But what would this ecclectic group be without a team of fine tuned elites under the hood? Such well oiled parts to bring about this reason to love music again includes producers of Mushroomhead and Between the Buried and Me.

3 Quarters Dead formed in 1999 with original members Kenny Wyatt and Mark Alexander. After returning from a U.S. tour with the legendary Mushroomhead, they began recording their second full-length CD produced by Mushroomhead's Steve "Skinny" Felton. 3 Quarters Dead's vocalist at that time was Waylon Reavis who was recruited by Mushroomhead to replace Jason "J-Mann" Popson, who at the time, had announced his departure from the band.

After a new beginning in 2007 the band discovered vocalist Jason Sain who was well beyond suited for their style of music. With a nod to Aaron Lewis and Chad Gray and a beautiful uniqueness to flow from throaty to smooth, the marriage of prestine vocals and variety was consumated. In 2008 3 Quarters Dead recorded "Between Angels & Demons" with producer Jamie King of Between The Buried & Me, 'The Human Abstract' fame. In late 2009 the band signed with indie label 'Project Alpha Music' and released "Once Upon This Broken Glass" in March, 2010.

This excellent strategy led to 3 Quarters Dead touring with Alice in Chains, Fozzy, LA Guns, Fear Factory, Deftones, Limp Bizkit, Halestorm, SOILWORK, Avenged Sevenfold, Mushroomhead and Dope and also gave them the honor of sharing the stage with Shinedown, Stuck Mojo, Switched, Nothingface, Chimaira, GWAR, Shadows Fall, and many others.

Their elite single "The Unknown" was launched on MTV and Fuse and placed on Fuse On Demand and on various websites such as, Revolver, Spike TV as well as many others. The band's growing airplay includes such Clear Channel stations as 106.5 FM The End in Charlotte, North Carolina and 100.3 FM The Buzz in Greensboro, North Carolina. Nationally, many fans are playing them in various spots all over the web.

In 2012, 3 Quarters Dead signed with independent label Turkey Vulture Records for their latest release "The Cycle of Dust" which is by far the band's best effort to date. The album is currently distributed worldwide through Turkey Vulture Records/Bungalo Records/Universal Music Group Distribution. The video for the single "Sometimes" from the album and is getting rave reviews. Nationwide they have been played by thousands upon thousands of fans which has allowed them to claim the number 1 spot on Reverbnation in their area as of August, 2013.

3 Quarters Dead have developed into a focused talent with undeniable audience appeal. Daniel C. Morrison, Founder/CEO of Hip Rock Magazine says about them, "One of the most memorable and best albums of my life was Staind's 'Break the Cycle'. And here is a group that meets and exceeds that album. They are my answer to that CD. I will forever be a huge fan of 3 Quarters Dead!"

As of August, 2013 these cool cats recorded 3 new songs with producer Beau Hill(Warrant, Ratt, Winger, Twisted Sister,Stevie Nicks, Eric Clapton). For bragging rights he was also a founder of Interscope Records and worked for Atlantic Records. What's most epic about this is the fact that Beau Hill contacted THEM after hearing them on an internet radio station. So check these new puppies out at Another nod this year is that 3 Quarters Dead won the Miller LIte concert series through 106.5 The End out of Charlotte, NC which gave them the special opportunity to play the Carolina Rebellion Festival, the biggest Rock Fest in NC.

Their sound is unique showing their fans that they have the ability to tell a story the way it should be told. They will take you back to when great heavy and melodic music of the first decade in this century meant something surreal to you. They'll also move this impressionable sound forward instead of leaving it to die like others have done. You deserve to live your life 3 Quarters Dead!





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