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Skunk Radio Live Profile: Debbie Goodman - Pop Artist - California, Usa | SRL Networks London Music PR


Discover Pop music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore California's independent/emerging music scene with Debbie Goodman

Debbie Goodman
Pop Music Artist
California, USA


Debbie Goodman went from rocking "music row" in Nashville, Tennessee to jamming "the strip" in Los Angeles, California. She went from touring the eastern coast of the United States while fronting a rock band, to playing every place you've heard of from the House of Blues to The Viper Room, with just her voice and her guitar...Whether she is fronting a band, or more intimate with just her guitar and her percussionist, her mesmerizing vocals will take you on a journey through all the songs that come straight from her heart.





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