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Hip Hop Music Artist
California, USA


Have you heard the latest in the Hip Hop industry? StonZ is the new wave of the Hip Hop world. StonZ has been creating his innovative music since the ripe young age of 15, he has just turned 18. His music includes riveting sounds of “Hip Hop” and “General” music. He has coined the term “General” for his own genre of music.

StonZ has been recording his own music in his bedroom and has taught himself how to mix beats, produce his own music and videos, DJ and write lyrics. The passion that comes from within his soul is widely recognized by all of his fans.

As a young artist, he has strong morals and beliefs and continues his education while keeping focused on his music career. There isn't an hour that goes by, much less a minute that doesn't involve something musical in StonZ's life. Around late 2009 he recorded his first album, Bigga Than Life, then So Incredible in 2010, and by 2011 StonZ had almost mastered the art of producing his own beats and created "No Turning Back", along with other mixtapes. StonZ has a new album release, “Sherlock StonZ”, TBA In 2012. According to StonZ, his dreams are becoming a reality because he has been given this amazing opportunity to perform in front of his fans, family, friends, Warner Bros, Moe Tan Records and most of all, God. The support system he has is phenomenal including people from all around the country and his place of residence in Temecula, California.

Born and raised in San Diego, his performance has been exposed in Downtown San Diego with "4th An B", Ocean Beach with "Dream Street" and at "Riley's Music Lounge". Also, He Performed and Dj'd live in San Diego @ The Brick By Brick!




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