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12-10-2017 22:47 GMT


The latest episode of multi-platinum recording artist, Crissi Cochrane's weekly music podcast is out now and available to stream free on Soundcloud

Music podcast, Get Collected is quickly becoming as highly anticipated weekly as host, Crissi Cochrane's music. Crissi's family-friendly personality has worked well for her career, catapulting her to platinum status on Spotify and other digital music outlets in just over 7 years since the start of her illustrious independent music career which has taken her all across Canada where she's from and surrounding regions, where she has not only performed on some of the most in demand music venues but also featured on top radio programs and TV programs, and also performed at high profile music festivals and community events. 

Together with her co-host Soul Brother Mike, her husband, who is also a sensational independent musician himself, she brings joy, reassurance and quality entertainment to her fans and music fans around the world who tune in weekly for what can only be described as an organic, friendly, refreshing and energising time well spent, which is relatively hard to come by sometimes in the world of music and entertainment today. 

Get Collected touches on music, poetry, politics and other topics, including some suggested or commented on by listeners and fans of the show. It runs weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays with occasional special guests.

Get Collected, Season 4, Episode 22 was recorded on the 3rd of October, 2017 and is available to stream on Soundcloud and other free music platforms online.

Stream alternative music podcast, Get Collected by indie artist, Crissi Cochrane and husband, Brother Mike on Soundcloud weekly

Listen to the latest episode of Get Collected on Soundcloud:

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Crissi Cochrane's Website:

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12-10-2017 20:22 GMT


Stream radio show, Out Of The Box on Wild1 Radio online free - Discover house music by DJ Bossa Nova and special guests bringing other genres to the table including hip hop, R&B, drum and bass, reggae, classical music and everything inbetween

One one of California's most in-demand house music DJs, DJ Bossa Nova grew up on the streets of Spanish Harlem before moving out West where he discovered future house and his knack for the genre. 

Having been trained by worldwide hip hop Scratch champion, DJ Swift, his skills on the turntables and in the studio reflect generations and styles of music from old school rock bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers to comtemporary artists like Jay-Z. His online radio show, "Out Of The Box" is currently ranked one of the top house music programs in and around Los Angeles, and continues to spread rampantly, growing progressively and reaching more and more fans with every new episode. Episode 70, the latest episode aired last week, on the 7th of October and is still available to stream on Wild1 Radio online where the show airs.

DJ Bossa Nova's popular new club night in Los Angeles, "We Don't Riot, We Just Dance" is also becoming one of the top night outs in the region, with the next date scheduled for this weekend, on October 14 at the usual venue, Mom's Bar LA. Details of the club night and venue can be found on the Skunk Radio Live Events page.

Discover house music sounds weekly at DJ Bossa Nova's popular club night in California, USA - Next event is on October 14, 2017

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Bossa Nova's Website:

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08-10-2017 17:47 GMT


Alternative pop artist, Hannah Gill on her tour of Australia and New Zealand with Post Modern Jukebox - Get concert tickets at

It's been a sensational year for New York alternative pop duo, Hannah Gill And The Hours. Their latest record, "The Water" released back in 2016 received recognition across the US and beyond, garnering a whole new crowd of fans and supporters, and gaining the attention of local, national and international radio stations, press, industry insiders and critics far and wide, online and offline, who had nothing but good things to say about the sensational release. It has been years since alternative pop music has experienced a sound so unique, original and refreshing, and the band is being revered as one of the top new alternative music acts of this decade. 

After a busy year gigging in and around the US, lead singer Hannah Gill teamed up with Scott Bradlee, an arranger and pianist who founded the music collective, Post Modern Jukebox back in 2011. Post Modern Jukebox is dedicated to painting the sounds of the past in a whole new light, remaking and remixing them to reflect the contemporary sounds of music today. The project has rapidly grown over the years, bringing fans of music of all generations from the sixties to the millenium together to experience music like never before.

Their first song together, "Somebody I Used To Know", released on the 1st of June, 2017 was so special and such a big hit with PMJ fans that Scott invited Hannah on tour with the collective. Still on tour and now drawing in more crowds than ever before, PMJ and Hannah Gill recently announced a new single, "Chasing Pavements" which was released on iTunes and Apple Music on the 5th of October.

Hannah Gill and PMJ's 2017 tour of New Zealand and Australia comes to an end but the partnership continues through October with new tour dates announced for Alaska, USA where they will be wowing audiences at some of the most sophisticated music venues in the region. Tickets can be obtained on the official PMJ website and all major concert ticket retailers.

Get tickets to live music events and concerts in Australia and New Zealand to see Hannah Gill and PMJ live at

Download Chasing Pavements on iTunes and listen on Apple Music:

Watch a snippet of a live performance of the song:

Follow Hannah Gill on Twitter:

Hannah Gill's Website:

PMJ's Website:

Get full details and tickets for the Alaska, USA tour dates for October, 2017:

Get tickets to see alternative pop singer, Hannah Gill live in concert on tour with music collective, Postmodern Jukebox in Alaska, USA in October, 2017

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08-10-2017 17:44 GMT


Find the latest new singles and albums of Autumn, 2017 in Canada right now and discover top new artists and bands and similar acts

If anyone knows how to intensify the build up to an album and get fans' ears watering right up to the very second before its release, it's none other than Canadian rock artist, Tara Kye. Tara has proven to be one of the most hard working emerging artists in British Columbia, and possibly in Canada as a whole even. Over the past 12 months alone she has released close to 10 singles back to back almost every month. She released a 6 track EP, "Tortured Love" in February, which treated fans to her top releases prior to the EP, including the title track, "Tortured Love" which was her latest single at the time. Similarly, in August she released the single "Freedom Rocks" shortly before announcing her new album "Freedom Rocks" which was released on the 21st of August, 2017. 

It's been an exciting year for Tara's fans, and an even more exciting year for Tara whose passion is to inspire and motivate the world through music. She sprung onto Canada's rock scene with a distinctive, captivating, organic rock sound that pays homage to the authentic sounds of the genre whilst skillfully incorporating elements from other genres without compromising its integrity with the help of Canadian musician, John Dean, who taught her how to play the piano and has since worked with her on many of her songs.

Her latest album demonstrates her growth as an artist over the past year and features 10 songs including many of her previous hits. "Freedom Rocks" is available to download on iTunes, and stream on Apple Music and Spotify.

Stream|Download Tara's New Album on iTunes|Apple Music:


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