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15-12-2017 00:24 GMT


Discover the original sounds of rock music with New Jersey's very own rock 'n' rock music act, RatRod - Discover the new single and upcoming 2018 concert dates in Pennsylvania

Like most genres, rock 'n' roll music has changed significantly over the decades however, there are still many fans, musicians, bands and critics who refuse to accept it as anything other than what it was in the beginning - hard and loud, and independent New Jersey, US band, RatRod had dedicated themselves to bringing it back harder and louder than has ever been done before.

If you are a fan of bands like AC/DC, then this new band will most certainly hit your sweet spot where it hurts (in a good way).

Making their debut on the 25th of August, 2017 with the release of their critically acclaimed 8 track album, "Do You Remember Rock And Roll", the band paid homage to the original sounds and pioneers of rock while bringing a fresh new air to the genre at the same time, resurrecting all the original elements, arrangements and sounds in a whole new light.

With singles like "Mirror Mirror" and the self-titled song, "Do You Remember Rock And Roll", they struck a cause in real rock fans and critics, and are being revered not just for their authenticity and originality but also for their virtuosic performing style. 

The debut album is available on CD Baby, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and all top digital music services/apps worldwide.

Band Members:
Mike Smith (lead vocals)
Mark McCarty (lead guitar)
Brice McCarty (rhythm guitar)
LilJohn (bass)
Elliott Howard (drums)


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14-12-2017 17:17 GMT


Discover Italian alternative rock quartet, Amycanbe live in concert at the Antiques Festival in Rimini, Italy on December 15

Almost 25 years after his death, El Patrón remains the most famous drug trafficker on the planet.

This month, from the 12th of December to the 15th in Rimini, Italy, The Antiques Festival takes four days to reflect on Italy's mafias and their dissemination, with meetings, seminars and shows organized by the Observatory on Organized Crime which was formed in 2001 in Switzerland.

Headlining at the event on the last day, Friday, the 15th of December, Italy's most highly revered independent band, Amycanbe, known for their deeply immersive, insightful, innovative blends of organic alternative rock and pop with mild electronic infusions will be putting on a grand show with El Patron, Pablo Escobar, as the theme and title, and will be performing their new single, "El Rey De Los Capos" (not confirmed) which was released on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes and popular digital music services on the 2nd of December, as well as some Colombian folk songs.

Discovering the amazing Italian band, Amycanbe live in concert at the Antiques Festival in Rimini from December 12, 2017 to December 15, 2017


Discover|Download the new single on Amazon:

Band Members:
Francesca Amati (vocals)
Marco Trinchillo (drums, keyboard)
Mattia Mercuriali (electric guitar, bass, synthesizer)
Mattia Dallara (keyboard)


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13-12-2017 22:17 GMT


Discover the new single by indie artist, Crissi Cochrane on Apple Music and top digital music services - Released October, 2017

Canadian singer, Crissi Cochrane's new 2017 single came as a very pleasant, unexpected surprise to fans. It's been such an exciting year in Crissi's world already. The year went by so fast and Crissi never stopped moving for a second. With back to back concert dates in and around Ontario, and Canada as a whole, guest appearances on TV and radio, playing and speaking community and national events, music festivals, her weekly podcast with husband, Soul Brother Mike who's also a musician, custom love songs and so many other day-to-day undertakings that come with the territory of being a multi platinum independent recording artist, Crissi has had her hands full. 

Boasting a backcatalog so distinctive and original, with classics that never get old and songs you'll never hear anything like, Crissi is never under any pressure to release new music. In just over 7 years releasing music independently, she has made her name as one of Ontario's top independent acts and is quickly becoming a household name in alternative pop owing to her family-friendly demeanor and unmatched charisma both on and off stage.

"Sweet & Fine", the new song is available to stream and download on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play Music and all top digital music services/apps.


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13-12-2017 00:00 GMT


Find the latest new singles and albums of Autumn, 2017 in Canada right now and discover top new artists and bands and similar acts

If anyone knows how to intensify the build up to an album and get fans' ears watering right up to the very second before its release, it's none other than Canadian rock artist, Tara Kye. Tara has proven to be one of the most hard working emerging artists in British Columbia, and possibly in Canada as a whole even. Over the past 12 months alone she has released close to 10 singles back to back almost every month. She released a 6 track EP, "Tortured Love" in February, which treated fans to her top releases prior to the EP, including the title track, "Tortured Love" which was her latest single at the time. Similarly, in August she released the single "Freedom Rocks" shortly before announcing her new album "Freedom Rocks" which was released on the 21st of August, 2017. 

It's been an exciting year for Tara's fans, and an even more exciting year for Tara whose passion is to inspire and motivate the world through music. She sprung onto Canada's rock scene with a distinctive, captivating, organic rock sound that pays homage to the authentic sounds of the genre whilst skillfully incorporating elements from other genres without compromising its integrity with the help of Canadian musician, John Dean, who taught her how to play the piano and has since worked with her on many of her songs.

Her latest album demonstrates her growth as an artist over the past year and features 10 songs including many of her previous hits. "Freedom Rocks" is available to download on iTunes, and stream on Apple Music and Spotify.

Stream|Download Tara's New Album on iTunes|Apple Music:


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