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Music reviews - song/album/mixtape reviews, free streaming & downloads | September, 2017

July 2017 music reviews featuring all genres from hip hop and r&b to pop, rock, indie, electronic music and other genres.

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18-09-2017 16:48 GMT

There is no other sound similar to the go-getter, fast paced style COOLIDGE delivers on every new song - Discover why fans are raving about the MISSISSIPPI rap star in September, 2017

Rap Music

When Coolidge dropped the first single of his 2017 mixtape, "Decimals", fans and critics alike knew that it marked the beginning of a new high for the fast rising international independent hip hop act, and it would from thenceforth be impossible to find another rapper like him ever as his evolution as an artist reached an all time peak - and so far they've been right. Coolidge's new sound is unmatched in content, context, production and overall performance and delivery. It's unique in every way possible and offers a different, generally more positive vibe overall than other rappers in similar categories.

With a solid, bullet proof go-getter vibe like no other, unmatched production everyone is asking about, and a strict work ethic that is seeing to it that Mississippi underground hip hop fans get nothing less than real hip hop in 2017, Coolidge has quickly become one of the top underground hip hop music artists in the world today

After a successful year for him as an artist and an even more delightful year for fans who have been on the receiving end of mass amounts of exciting, unique, authentic hip hop records, Drevo '17 was the cherry on top and along side other top singles, "Billies" is being revered as one of the top songs on the mixtape.

Features rapper, Big A.


Listen to Coolidge's new 2017 mixtape, Drevo '17 and download free on Spinrilla

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18-09-2017 15:49 GMT 

Listen to the top new R&B artists and groups of 2017 free, download mp3 on iTunes and Apple Music, Google Play Music and other top digital music platforms

The Keymakers
"Good For You"
R&B Music

The first single by the newly formed R&B music group consisting of Pittsburgh, US R&B singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Rome Alexander and his brother, Redrick an EDM producer.

It's only been released a few days ago and it's already on Spotify's popular #NewMusicFriday playlist alongside artists like Gucci Mane, Nick Jonas, The Weeknd, Post Malone, 21 Savage, Seal, Toni Braxon and other top music acts.

With a distinctive sound comparable to the likes of Michael Jackson, the new song is everything 2017 pop music fans and radio DJs need to hear and add to their playlists right now.

It's infectious, thrilling, exciting, romantic and clean. If you like music that makes you feel something special every time you listen to it, with meaningful, relatable lyrics that'll get you to the moon and back in no time, this is your song.

It's colorful, groovy and sexy, with an upbeat pop edge.

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18-09-2017 15:13 GMT 

Find artists similar to Michael Jackson and other top pop musicians of 2017 - Listen free, Download mp3s and share your favorite new songs

Big Money Brezzy
"Michael Jackson"
Hip Hop Music

If your favorite rapper is witty and slick; artists like Drake and Lil' Wayne, and similar female rappers like Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea, Big Money Brezzy has a similar sound that will add flavor and breath new life into your music playlists like nothing you've ever heard before. With his signature quirky, upbeat sound, Big Money broke on to the Texas, US hip hop music scene with infectious songs like "Mike Lowery" and has followed the same song structure and rap style over the years spanning his exceptionally remarkable independent hip hop career that has seen real hip hop fans treated to sizeable dozes of good fun music skillfully colored with all the amazing, organic sounds of real rap music, and then some more. Boasting an almost pop like feel good vibe and lyrics centered around pop music's top artist and entertainer of all time, Michael Jackson, Big Money's new song is nothing similar to anything currently topping the hip hop charts today and deserves a spot right at the top.

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18-09-2017 14:36 GMT 

Best West Coast hip hop artists of 2017 reviewed - Discover Keyon Stack and similar artists - Listen to all the amazing sounds you like with a new twist

Keyon Stacks
"Whatcha Waitin' Fo"
Hip Hop Music

A classic hip hop club record ahead of its time.

Whatcha Waitin' Fo has that distinctinve, gripping, stern, focused feel that'll have you feeling like you just hit the lottery.

Keyon's feel-good care free rap style florishes flamboyantly over a powerful, thumping hip hop beat reminiscent of hip hop artists likes of Dr. Dre and hip hop groups like N.W.A. The single, released back in 2014 is still one of the California, US hip hop rapper's top jams to listen to in 2017, alongside several other infectious California themed hip hop songs you can listen to over and over, songs like "I Smoke Good", "Back To The Money", Fuego and OTBS, released earlier this year, that make Keyon, one of the region's top rap acts to stream and download today.

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