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Music reviews - song/album/mixtape reviews, free streaming & downloads | August, 2017

July 2017 music reviews featuring all genres from hip hop and r&b to pop, rock, indie, electronic music and other genres.

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Daily reviews of the latest independent music releases around the world by top indie, unsigned, underground and emerging artists, bands and producers - Free streaming

30-08-2017 18:50 GMT 

Re-Discover your love for reggae music with this chart topping song released on the 25th of august by independent reggae music artist, Honorebel, from Miami, USA

"Like A King"
Reggae Music

A vibrant and exciting celebration of love.
The perfect way to bring Summer, 2017 to a climax.

It's bright, colorful and upbeat, with an infectious groove that'll instantly make you want to shake something.

It's being predicted to be the first Honorebel track of 2017 that may reach the top of the charts without any features at all. Honorebel's latest single has a more vibrant and tropical, exotic sound than anything we've heard before and is bound to have Miami's DJs and fans raving wildy before innevitably spreading like wild fire across the rest of the country and beyond. After numerous high profile collaborations, chart topping songs and noteable career moves this year, it marks a new high for the exceptionally prolific independent Miami reggae artist whose popularity and overall ratings have grown almost exponentially over the last year alone.

Listen to new reggae songs and albums released in august, 2017 free

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29-08-2017 20:20 GMT 

California's top emergring R&B artist, Idrise released his latest single on the 22nd of August, 2017 on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and other digital music promotion and distribution platforms

"Kriss Kross"
R&B Music

Plush, exciting, commanding and brisk.
With an intense party vibe that'll heighten all your senses, get you on your feet jumping with excitement, and ultimately induce a euphoric adrenaline rush like nothing you've ever experienced before, it's everything you would expect from California's top independent R&B act, and then some more.

With a smooth, slow bounce that rapidly unravels to reveal exceptionally gripping hip hop and R&B flows to write home about, "Kriss Kross" is the only song you need to hear at the peak of your late night clubbing sessions in Summer, 2017

Features rappers, Dre Lloyd and B Pac.


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29-08-2017 18:58 GMT 

Discover, listen to and download top songs by top independent rock musicians around the world

Frank Palangi
"Set Me Free"
Hard Rock Music

Raw and unhinged, passionate, gritty and forceful.
If real rock music is one of the things you can't do without this summer then you're in for a treat. Brooklyn, New York, US independent rock sensation, Frank Palangi is all about that, and after just over 7 years in the music industry has unleashed what fans are calling the best new rock sound since rock was born.

The title track of his latest EP, "Set Me Free" embodies everything rock music is, was and always will be. It's big, it's bold, it's motivational and it's loud enough to clear the wax out your ears.

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