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Best Music Promotion Sites

Music promotion websites that are capable of getting your music discovered online and offline are invaluable in achieving success in the music industry. While there are loads of them online today, it's still important to approach them professionally, ensuring that all your material is up to standard right from your album cover artwork design graphics to what's inside.

Never assume a music promotion company does exactly what the last one you used does, even if they list the same services. Every music promoter has their methods and they all generally focus more on different aspects of marketing and PR so read their terms first before submitting music on investing any time or money.

Approach only companies that are already promoting your style of music, no matter how good your music is. Don't think that because you are so amazing a pop music website will promote explicit hip hop. Also, if you are sending your music to radio stations, it's a good idea to send clean versions of your songs. Likewise if you create really explicit music it's a good idea to include censored versions when you are submitting to most blogs, magazines, promotion platforms and music discovery outlets as, although it may be rampant in the world of entertainment, violence, drugs and offensive language is still a sensitive issue to some people, especially old school music promoters and fans.

Do your research and get an indepth idea of what companies are doing before submitting your songs. Think about what they are trying to achieve on their music discovery/download/promotion platform and try to come of with creative ways you can add. Remember, you are an entertainer, not just a sales man trying to sell a record to some shmucks who do know what is what. The world of music and entertainment has changed over the years and it has become more difficult to please a music fan to the point where they decide to part with their money and buy your song, so it's important that you don't overlook the essence of a commercially viable product. Spend ample time to create a stunning album cover design or mixtape cover design and employ the help of a professional album cover designer or a professional CD cover design software. You can even purchase or download professional album cover templates online. When you are trying to create an impression then you need to focus on the first thing whoever you are trying to impress will encounter. With music, it's generally the album/CD cover and hence you want to put a lot of effort into it no matter how amazing the song, album, EP or mixtape is. Music promotion will also involve the use of images, graphics, logos and professional artist photos so if you are looking to run a campaign that results in anything good it would be a good idea to make sure you have some available. Don't just send a random pic you took on your iPhone, there are countless Android, Blackberry and IOS apps that can help you polish images but there's nothing better than a picture that has been taking by a professional and touched up by a professional photographer or graphic design specialist.

These are some of the best websites that offer Music Promotion, Music Discovery, Music Downloads, Distribution, PR and  Marketing services to musicians and labels.

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