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Sonni Quick.

Discover contemporary classical music by Pennsylvania pianist and music composer, Sonni Quick - Listen free on Pianist|Instrumental Music Composer
Pennsylvania, USA
Featured Audition.

Artist biography.

Sonni Quick is a pianist and instrumental music composer whose music speaks volumes without words. Add a touch of class to your music collection with lush piano instrumentals that take you to your happy place every single time.

Sonny's music is fully improvised, straight from the heart - she never performs the same piece twice, which is why her recordings are so special to listen to.




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04-08-2017 03:06 GMT 

Listen to instrumental music by Sonni Quick free on Soundcloud and download

"Open The Cage And Fly"
Instrumental Music

 Written for an eagerly awaited incarcerated loved one, Sonni Quick's "Open The Cage And Fly" is a deeply passionate and moving piano piece exsquisitely performed.
As the name suggests, this fine instrumental piece evokes all the emotions of liberation and freedom. With a mellow piano melody gently unravelling all the way through, it slowly frees the mind and gently massages all troubles away.

Press Releases.

04-08-2017 17:44 GMT


Listen to Sonni Quick's music catalog of piano songs free on Soundcloud

Lush piano melodies, dark, mysterious soundscapes, bright, happy ambiences, adventurous themes, inspirational and motivational themes, and romantic, slow dance themes are only some of what listeners of classical and instrumental music can expect from Sonni Quick's luxuriously refreshing instrumental music catalog. With only a piano, the Pennsylvania, US composer paints pictures that speak volumes and has the unmatched ability to instanstly whisk listeners away on what could only be described as an energizing and utterly satisfying musical escapade. Deeply moving and gripping, yet gentle in ways words can't describe, and with just one instrument, Sonni's sound is unobstrusive and a delight to listen to on any occasion whatever the setting.

Written for an eagerly awaited incarcerated loved one, Sonni's latest sensation is a dark and elegant piece that conveys and evokes the deep longings, joy, happiness and other emotions centered around freedom and liberation. Released on the 30th of April, 2017, "Open The Cage And Fly" has received rave reviews highlighting its masterful composition and exquisite performance. Critics are calling it one of Pennsylvania's most sensational contemporary classical music releases for a long time and are revering Sonni as one of the region's top rising classical acts to watch.


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