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The Mighty GRC.

Add a touch of raw hip hop artistry to your music discovery sessions with new songs and albums by Rhode Island, USA'S rising hip hop starHip Hop Artist|Songwriter|Producer
Rhode Island, USA
Featured Audition.

Artist biography.

Hailing from Newport in Rhode Island, USA, The Mighty GRC is an all-round entertainer boasting a vast array of musical and enterpreneural skills.

A hip hop artist, music producer, composer, songwriter, sound engineer, disc jockey and performer, he is comfortable creating records single-handedly from recording to post-production and mastering, and has amassed a fair-sized catalog of quality records showcasing his talents in all their glories independently, and continues to do so.

GRC's sound is organic, soulful and raw, and is known to cover a vast range of themes and subject matters. From hardcore hip hop to feel good rap songs, he shows versatility and creative prowess. Some of his more successful records include "Life Is A Struggle", released back in 2007, and "Good Vibrations" and "Cha Cha Cha", from his recent EP, "Prelude To The Adventure" which was released in July, 2016 to rave reviews and appraisal from fans and critics of real hip hop music.

In addition to making his own music, The Mighty GRC is also a model and actor, and CEO of his own independent record label, Goddi Entertainment. He recently announced a new music venture, G7 Global Music Movement due to be launched soon.

GRC has a lot of new music projects in the works, and a new full length album expected to be released soon...




coming soon...


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