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Discover indie R&B music - Elizmi on the Skunk Radio Live Auditions
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Discover R&B music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore London's independent/emerging music scene with ElizmiIndie R&B Music
London, UK
Featured Audition.

Artist biography.

"Singer songwriter, Actress and Model. No matter what she does or, where she is Elizmi Haze stands out.There’s nothing stereotypical about her. In person and on stage, she’s got a determined spirit. Musically, she can render Motown soul as well as she can rap to hip-hop. Blessed with an awesome natural voice and a knack for a hook, she hopes to redefine what’s possible within pop. In other words, she remains ""one of a kind"", and that’s why she is quickly becoming well known and will be a true force in the music world. Elizmi is 19 and has been performing since 11years old on stage acting, singing and then writing music at 15. She studied Musical Theatre, and Music in Canterbury, Kent. She is an Artist, Songwriter, and Actress. Her debut single ""Tallest Hill"" (released 07/16) with DeeVu Records, has been played on consecutive weeks on The BBC introducing radio shows all around the country. Tallest Hill is also being played on numerous radio stations in London, Kent, Europe, and the USA. Her second track ""SHINE"" was met with great acclamation and has also been played on BBC introducing and other radio stations around the world. In September of 2016 Soulseekerz, a production team from London who have remixed for the likes of Rhianna, Britney Spears and ByoncĂ©, asked about doing a remix for Elizmi. The team had heard the Tallest Hill and was amazed by Elizmi’s voice and wanted to remix it for the club scene. The track reached no. 24 on iTunes chart and has done amazingly well, since being on general release, it’s being played in over 96 top ranking clubs in the country and played all over the world. Gigging for about a year now, Elizmi started with a very successful performance at the Beverly Knight Concert last June, at WestenHanger VIP arena. Where she showcased her debut tracks. She is now performing at Private Parties, Pubs and Clubs. Elizmi, also has a very secret project working behind scenes, for next year. Elizmi is also busy writing some great new tracks for later this year, and now after finding out she is a pretty good rapper, she is working on her real love R&B, (Trap, pop). With her first track “Bad Influence” being listened to by the Likes of Kylie Minogue’s producers, Elizmi is now being discovered by some industry big wigs. Since Louise Porter, took Elizmi under her wing, she has the likes of the writer of Adele’s last album, Ian Dowling, collaborating with her on a new track and Janski (a big Norwegian producer), writing a track for her to write lyrics to and sing. YOU have got to""Watch out”as this young lady will be seen and heard everywhere this next year."









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