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Established in 2012, SRL Networks London, is a leading global independent music publicity and artist representation/relations company based at the world's famous London Bridge, in the City of London, UK dedicated to the launching, servicing and development of independent (indie) music careers around the world. Our vast range of music discovery, download and promotion tools, applications and resources for mobile and desktop are designed to make discovering/procuring the best independent (indie) music, artists and bands easier both for domestic and commercial purposes.

On SRL, you'll find selected top independent (indie) musicians, bands and other performers and entertainers from all over the world in all genres from pop, country and rock, to alternative, indie and folk, jazz, classical, instrumental, hip hop, R&B, and everything in-between, including music from top unsigned artists/bands, undiscovered artists/bands, underground artists/bands, upcoming artists/bands, new emerging artist/bands, and established independent acts.

Some of our top resources and solutions to help you get started discovering the best independent music straight away are listed/discussed below.

Music services/resources/applications for independent (indie) music fans.

General independent music discovery.

If you like independent music or have thought about giving it a chance but find it difficult to discover independent artists and bands on overpopulated music services like iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play Music, Amazon, CD Baby, Bandcamp, Apple Music, Soundcloud, YouTube and other popular music discovery applications, Skunk Radio Live will change all that.

With the vast number of new and upcoming artists, bands and producers out there, it's easy to get overwhelmed and sometimes even frustrated when it comes to discovering new music and new musical acts to follow. We know this, and that's why we've created Skunk Radio Live.

Skunk Radio Live is a music discovery initiative dedicated to the world of indie music. Whereas most top indie music discovery channels, blogs and apps dish out massive amounts of a mixture of mainstream and independent music, good, bad and everything in-between daily and without any strategy in place to guide avid music discoverers of their exploratory musical adventures and escapades, Skunk Radio Live is focused on delivering the very best of selected new independent music and artists curated by its listeners and fans themselves (see the Skunk Radio Live Auditions).

We don't want discovering new music to be a hassle. We don't want you breaking a sweat just to find something good to drown your ears in, and we most certainly don't want to bombard you with Ads (unless we don't have a say in the matter).

Skunk Radio Live is all about finding good music and discovering what music fans really want. Being a combination of avid music discoverers and fans, production and music geeks, critics and analysts, music journalists, music producers, artists, creative professionals and independent music industry professionals, SRL's global independent music network is all about the music and only the music - there are no business men here deciding what music fans want to hear or bossy record label CEOs dictating what music artists release to fans.

For a generic music discovery experience where you'll get a potent mixture of top new music releases, music videos, music events and tour announcements, news, reviews and other interesting independent music related content, simply navigate to the homepage and follow your heart where ever it takes you. We promise it will be good every single time.

[Start discovering independent music here]

The SRL roster.

The SRL roster is an exquisite selection of premier and promising independent (indie) musicians and bands from around the world discovered by SRL's users and fans via the Skunk Radio Live Auditions and other SRL music discovery projects. The Skunk Radio Live Auditions is a very simple and straight forward music discovery initiative. New music acts are introduced to fans around the world and fans vote for whoever they would like added to the SRL roster so that they can see and hear more from them. Through this simple selection process, we are able to realise a potent and entertaining music discovery experience on SRL that is not just a reflection of what music fans really want but is also a compass for the music industry's leaders and influencers as well as insiders, professionals and talent scouts looking for their next big acts or their next big sound.

Independent music discovery app.
The Skunk Radio Live music discovery application (app) is free on Android, IOS and Blackberry. This simple but useful music application is a vehicle we use to get the essential SRL music dowload and discovery resources into your pocket so you can access them even more easily and quickly whenever you need your good music fix. With the free music discovery app you get full access to the Skunk Radio Live online radio stream where you can interract with the radio programmers and DJs directly via social media and other contact methods. You also get selected news stories, reviews and upcoming events in the form of social updates on the app, independent music videos as they are released, and a live music discovery experience that's more special every single time with new features being added regularly.

Download the free SRL music discovery app >> on [ANDROID] [BLACKBERRY] [IOS]

Indepedent music download/subscription/streaming service.
Skunk Radio Live's independent music store brings you free unlimited streaming of premier independent (indie) music releases by the SRL roster, which consists of top independent (indie), unsigned, underground, emerging and upcoming musical acts, music composers, producers, DJs and entertainers around the world. In addition to downloading single albums or other music releases in mp3, wav, flac or other high quality music format of your choice, you also have the option of subscribing to the monthly music plan which gives you full unlimited access so you can stream and download any and every new, old or upcoming Skunk Radio Live release as many times as you like, gain access to exclusive live music events and online concerts, exclusive videos and other exclusive content.

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Independent music radio.
The Skunk Radio Live online independent (indie) music radio service delivers top new indie music as well as old classics by top independent musicians and bands around the world. We radio programs dedicated to every single genre from pop, rock and indie to hip hop, electronic, jazz, classical and instrumental genres daily, as well as eclectic radio programs which feature all genres of music, you'll be spoiled for choice. Skunk Radio Live is the foundation upon which SRL Networks is built and is in fact at the very core of many of our services. You would generally find the Skunk Radio Live radio player located at the top or in the center of most SRL resources, tools, websites and applications.

[Listen to independent (indie) music radio stream here]

Independent music reviews.
The Indie Music Review Board (SRL Reviews) explores, analysis and discusses new music and old classics by top indie music acts around the world. Check in daily to discover a fresh new song, album or music video, or two, maybe even a few. We promise not to bombard you with too much content for one day.

[Read independent music reviews here]

Independent music news.
The Indie Music Press Release Board (SRL News) analyses and explores independent music related news and stories, and delivers important announcements like tour dates and album release dates, music festival dates, artists and band updates and other independent music and music business related information daily. Check in daily to find out what your favorite SRL artists are up to, what their working on, when they're coming to your town, and more, and also discover new artists and bands launching their careers. We promise not to bombard you with junk articles or excessive information you don't need.

[Read independent music news here]

Independent music videos.
Discover the latest independent music videos, behind the scenes footage, interviews artist profiles, artist introductions, live concert footage, live performances, weekly independent music programs by indie artists, and other interesting video content related to independent music on SRLtv daily.

[Watch independent music videos here]

Independent music events/concert dates/tours/concert tickets.
Discover when your favorite independent (indie) artists, bands, producers are in town and find music festivals and community/national events near you where they'll be playing live. Discover live music venues, clubs, bars and concert halls near you while discovering amazing independent music by visiting the SRL events pages regularly.

[Find independent music events and concert tickets here]

Independent music awards.
The big kahuna of independent music discovery. Nominate and vote for your top independent music artists and bands of the year, and discover what other independent music fans are listening to, downloading and enjoying the most. The SRL Independent Music Awards (S|IMA) is an annual music discovery experience like no other. Consider it a crash music discovery session where you can discover the hottest independent artists and bands in the world with just the click of a button. Nominations start at the beginning of the year and end at the end of the year, with winners announced shortly after. Want to find out who fans are calling the hottest independent music artist/band at any given time, what songs are hot, what videos are trending or who the best new acts in any genre are at any given time? Just click over to the SRL Awards page and check out the contenders and nominees. Just as well, whenever you discover independent music releases, artists or bands that deserve an award for their excellence, head over to the awards page and nominate them or vote for them if they've been nominated already.

[Discover independent music discovery's big kahuna here]

Independent music auditions.
Feel like the current SRL roster is missing something? Can't find your favorite sound? Looking for something new? Just head over to the Skunk Radio Live auditions page where you can find new artists, bands and other musical acts to nominate for addition to the SRL roster. Listen, explore and discover independent music around the world and vote to have more of it brought to you daily on SRL so you can see, hear and discover more of what you like.

[Discover the Skunk Radio Live Auditions]

Promoted independent music.
We hate Ads very much and we know you hate them too, that's why our Ads sections are completely separate from our organic sections. Unlike most free music websites and subscription based music sites offering free trials, we know annoying Ads and good music don't go together. We also hate to disrupt the balance in people's lives by showing them things they aren't looking for, whether or not they may have expressed interest in them in the past and we don't like that to happen to us either, that's why we'll never try to show you the new Jordans, the new Playstation or even iPads or beats headphones when all you were trying to do was discover new songs to listen to free. Our advertisement sections also only promote independent music and new artists, and we have several dedicated promoted music sections which by themselves also make a very useful set of standalone independent music discovery tools - The Indie Music Board, The Indie Music Video Board, The Indie Artist Directory, The Indie Music YouTube Directory and The Indie Music Box Office are some of out top promoted music sections. Check them out to discover even more independent artists and explore the world of undiscovered music even further.

Music services/resources/applications for artists/bands/industry/business

Independent music promotion/PR
SRL's premier music promotion/PR/publicity innitiatives deliver top of the line industry standard music marketing strategies and resources to the finger tips of independent musicians and bands, covering everything from Radio Promotion, music reviews, music press releases, tour announcements, album announcements, concert promotion, music video promotion, general artist/band promotion, artist/band launching (debuts) and album/single/mixtape promotion (premieres), to CD/cover art design, poster/flyer design and other graphic design services essential for promotion/distribution. In addition to working directly with independent and unsigned artists, SRL also provides music services, resources and solutions for small independent (indie/DIY) record labels, music managers/management companies/agencies, talent agents, booking agents, tour companies, concert promoters and production companies.

A&R/talent discovery solutions for labels/publishers

Further more, SRL delivers corporate music services/resources/solutions for major labels/publishers, music libraries, music licensing companies, music businesses and music related businesses and other entertainment related companies, covering all aspects of independent music procurement and acquisition, and talent sourcing solutions including music licensing, artist/band relations, record contracts, touring and artist/band bookings.

Music has changed a lot over the years, and so has the way music fans discover new music and find new artists to listen to.

Likewise in the music industry, the business of A&R (Artists and Repertoire) has also changed as talent discovery has now evolved to include a vast range of online talent scouting solutions, music promotion and discovery platforms, music promotion and showcase apps, free music profile websites, music upload and sharing platforms, social media based music platforms, direct-to-fan music platforms, mixtape promotion websites, specialist music blogs promoting new talent and independent music releases, artist showcase magazines and music business publications, YouTube of course, and countless other new tools, resources and applications (apps), and even music softwares for not just discovering new and emerging artists around the world but also compiling a comprehensive list of top artists and bands to watch right from their debut single or debut album.

This new change in the way music is discovered has given the power of music discovery, which was previously in the hands of top mainstream record label A&Rs, music managers and talent agents with a good ear and eye for talent and specialist music industry professionals who were often collectively looked upon by many as "the gatekeepers", to anyone and everyone with a desire to find new artists or new music. Whereas it took years of experience and knowledge of the industry and valuable contacts in high places to be a top A&R, anyone and everyone is now assuming the title.

This shift of power has allowed for a new generation of independent (indie) artists and independent music professionals to emerge - one with all the tools necessary to create their own music and videos to a higher standard than would have previously been possible, owing to the vast range of sophisticated online and offline music and video production tools which get cheaper and more accessible with every passing moment. No longer do bands need to seek the backing of top industry professionals, record labels, publishers, managers or producers, or anyone who believes in them to fork out a fortune or sign them to a demo deal so they can create their debut single or album, EP or mixtape, they can now do it themselves in relatively little time.

In the same way, CD production, CD/album Cover Design, poster design and design for music packages is also now easily accessible through a plethora of subscription based and free graphic design services that allow artists to create CD/digital music cover artwork to a very high standard in relatively little time.

Music promotion has also changed a lot over the years. While specialist music publicity companies, music publicists, music marketing agencies, concert promoters, indie promoters, tour promoters, music publications, radio stations, television and other specialist companies and professionals have long made the difference between a new artist or new song ever getting discovered or never seeing the light of day, the power has also shifted and artists can start promoting music the second it is created, with the potential to reach the world almost instantly. No longer do emerging musicians, songwriters and producers, bands, indie labels or anyone who creates music need to shop their demo around to record labels and top music industry executives or producers, they can simply sign up for a free Soundcloud, Reverbnation or other free music promotion account in seconds and start promoting songs and albums even before they are created with the help of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other social media platforms. Artists and bands who have a little budget could even go a step further and invest in small social media campaigns or Google Adwords to advertise and promote music online, and potentially get discovered by whosoever they desire to target.

Music distribution has also changed over the years. In the past, it would have been nearly impossible for a new artist, band or musician to even dream of having their music in a popular record store, entertainment shop and anywhere that sold music, including indie record stores, but now, as the high street record stores slowly fade away or move online, artists now have a massive choice of online music streaming, download, promotion and sales platforms where they can upload their music to and sell directly to fans, including iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, CD Baby, Reverbnation, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer and Bandcamp - that offer paid or subscription based music, and free music promotion sites and free mixtape promotion sites like DatPiff, Live Mixtapes, Mixtape Monkey, Hot New Hip Hop, Hip Hop DX and DJ Booth - where you can upload a mixtape free, and start promoting free or for a small fee within minutes. No longer do artists and bands have to seek out a lucrative music distribution deal.

Music licensing, royalties and music publishing have changed too in the same way. In the past, getting music in film, television, games, advertising, radio and other media/multimedia and realising lucrative sums required that you went through a reputable publisher, licensing agent, or specialist entertainment industry agents and professionals, but all that has also gone out the window with the establishment of hundreds of independent music libraries, independent music publishing platforms, royalty free music platforms, royalty free music libraries and other self-service music licensing platforms like Jamendo allowing for artists and bands to generate licensing revenue from their music or simply benefit from the exposure of having their music featured in the media.

Gigging and touring have also changed a lot. Whereas it would have meant the world for a new emerging band to get a slot to play at a popular music festival, music event, or music venue, it is now becoming more common to see amateurs playing on the same stage as big names and more and more "supporting" slots seem to be opening up on tours. Now, independent artists and bands have the opportunity to perform live in front of thousands at local and national music venues through various online artist/band booking platforms and concert promotion tools like Song Kick, Bands In Town and Reverbnation and even host live music events and concerts online free or for a fee using online concert streaming platforms like Concert Window and Stage It.

All these changes in the music industry have had a huge impact on the business of music as a whole and has resulted in a plethora of new, emerging and established independent artists, bands, and all forms of musicians and music industry professionals and companies, as well as indie labels, all competing for the same career opportunities, the same fans and the same record sales revenue - which unlike everything else doesn't seem to be increasing very much.

There's too much music out there, too many artists, too many bands, and more and more surfacing with every passing moment, so as a music industry professional, whether new or seasoned, how do you sift through it all? How do you find new talent and songs in today's new music business?

This is where we come in.

SRL Networks is the first point of contact for discerning independent and mainstream entertainment industry professionals looking for new talent and music for synchronisation/licensing/publishing. Our global music launching, servicing and career development platforms provide direct, unlimited access to the most talented independent, unsigned, upcoming, emerging and underground musicians and bands around the world. 

We work closely with SELECTED promising vocalists, songwriters, performers, music composers, music producers, sound designers, engineers, DJs and instrumentalists across all genres

We also work with independent authors, graphic designers and filmmakers. 

Through our dedicated year-round music talent discovery program, The Skunk Radio Live Auditions, we are constantly sifting through the world's vast supply of independent (indie), underground, unsigned, unpublished, undiscovered music pool and with the help of music fans and industry professionals around the world, selecting and showcasing the best of them, and following the creators closely as they progress in their careers while also promoting, developing and supporting them along the way with various industry standard music marketing and publicity methods. Not only will you find some of the world's best new independent, unsigned, emerging and underground music acts here, you'll also discover that they've already built a sizeable following and they are ready for their big breaks (or are on the right path) which is key in the music industry today.