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Skunk Radio Live Profile: Yung Rackz - Hip Hop Artist - North Carolina, Usa | SRL Networks London Music PR


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Yung Rackz
Hip Hop Music Artist
North Carolina, USA


Yung Rackz is a dilligent, dedicated and focused hip hop musician and producer, one of the hottest out of North Carolina, USA.

Only two words are needed to describe this new hip hop prodigy - true, and real, and his music can only be described as Real Hip Hop, with lyrics that are true to its roots and straight from the heart. Both old-school and new-school hip hop fans can relate to Yung Rackz and his releases are always received well locally and nationally.

Yung Rackz is in his twenties and already has a good number of solid records under his belt. His EP, "Trapping Is Not A Hobby" is just one of many releases that keep real hip hop fans wanting more. It's still getting amazing reviews and fans can't wait to hear what's next.





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