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Skunk Radio Live Profile: Arpeggio (Formerly Jay+Tonic) - Edm Music Producer - Pennsylvania, Usa | SRL Networks London Music PR


Discover EDM music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore Pennsylvania's independent/emerging music scene with Arpeggio (formerly Jay+Tonic)

Arpeggio (formerly Jay+Tonic)
EDM Producer
Pennsylvania, USA


Arpeggio (James Hayden Gallagher) is a music producer, songwriter, composer, and classically trained cellist living in Philadelphia, PA. He began playing the cello at age four and as a twelve year old was accepted into Temple University's Center for Gifted Young Musicians, studying under Metta Watts. An amateur classical composer through high school, it was not until college that he began exploring the realm of electronic music. Having been dubbed the "Bach of electronic dance" (Jon Gordon, former musical director for Suzanne Vega and Madonna), Jay draws from and combines his classical roots with cutting-edge sound design and production techniques to create detailed and lively compositions. His music has sat atop charts on highly regarded music websites, like, has been featured in multiple advertisement and promotional videos, and has been accepted into premier licensing libraries for its fresh and cross-genre musical style. In addition to personal releases, Jay has written and produced for other major artists internationally, and now owns his own production company (Arpeggio Music, LLC). In 2013 he was awarded grand prize in the Dallas Songwriters Association Song Contest, an annual international competition. Since 2012 he has also achieved finalist and semifinalist placements in other prestigious events such as the UK Songwriting Contest, International Songwriting Competition, and others.





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