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Skunk Radio Live Profile: Eyenine - Hip Hop Artist - New Hampshire, Usa | SRL Networks London Music PR


Discover Hip Hop music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore New Hampshire's independent/emerging music scene with Eyenine

Hip Hop Music Artist
New Hampshire, USA


Every so often an artist emerges that changes the face of a generation forever. This type of gifted person is an anomaly and changes everything and everybody that he comes in contact with. Eyenine is that anomaly.

Born Michael Gene Dionne, Eyenine is an underground hip-hop artist from New Hampshire. He has shared the stage with many influential artists including RZA, Supernatural, Kool Keith, Mr. Lif, Razhel, Ghostface Killah, U-God, Raekwon, Louis Logic, AWOL One, Jedi Mind Tricks, Kristoff Krane, C Rayz Walz, Ceschi Ramos and many more.

After releasing a full-length album and a free EP through the New Hampshire-based indie label Flyrock Records, Afraid to Dream was released in late 2011 featuring guest appearances from Eyedea (R.EYE.P, Rhymesayers) and Mac Lethal (Rhymesayers). The album was met with critical acclaim and caught the attention of the legendary producer, artist, and visionary, the RZA. His new EP entitled Dissembler is an eclectic mix of emotional lyrics, insightful self-talk, and societal and political low blows. His quick delivery and slow, soothing vocal variation will keep all listeners on their toes. Eyenine is now being managed by the Wu Tang Music Group’s affiliated REAL HOOD MUSIC, LLC., team.





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