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Auditionees | Discover new music, videos, aritsts & bands - free streaming, & downloads on top music services/apps
Listen to new songs and albums, discover emerging artists, watch music videos and find your next favorite artists and bands on the Skunk Radio Live Auditions daily.

Discover new musician, bands, producers and songwriters every day and help Skunk Radio Live select the next big names in entertainment. Check out some of the artists/bands we are considering for the roster below and listen out for The Skunk Radio Live Auditions Show at the end of all genre specific radio programs daily. Vote for your favorites by tweeting their artist/band name @SkunkRadioLive or posting in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

Recent video auditions | Voting still open

Visit the artist/band's website to hear their music and listen out for them on The Skunk Radio Live Auditions Show daily on Skunk Radio Live as well. Vote on this page or on Twitter.


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