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05-10-2017 13:36 GMT

Inside Christie's Couch Sessions

Country music fans are calling Christie Huff their favorite new act since Taylor Swift

She sang her way into the hearts of many as teen fresh out of high school and quickly became one of California's favorite girls, and country singer, Christie Huff is treating her fans, who just can't seem to get enough of her, to even more of herself with live music sessions on YouTube

In her web series, Christie's Couch Sessions, Christie sings acoustic covers and original songs often with special guests and talented emerging musicians around the country. She has covered popular songs by artists like Taylor Swift, Alessia Cara and Twenty One Pilots, making them her own and giving fans a taste of their favorite songs with added flavor.

In this week's Christie's Couch Sessions she linked up with her friend, Britney Mykel, who is also a talented Los Angeles singer songwriter, and together they sang a sensational cover of Taylor Swift's 2017 single, "Ready For It".

Tune in for Christie's Couch Sessions every week on Christie's YouTube Channel for passionate moments with Christie and friends.

She's LA's best new country music act and Christie Huff is treating fans to a new live music program on YouTube to give them even more of herself, live

Watch Christie's Couch Sessions on YouTube and subscribe:

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Country Music


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03-10-2017 16:54 GMT

That's right, he said it!

Midwest, US rapper set to release his latest single, F*ck Your Respect, FYR on October 27, 2017

When St. Louis rapper, Chingy got dropped from his label a while back owing to rumours of a scandal, the unique, multi-talented rapper and actor, whose rhyming style is still in a category of its own up till today, more than 13 years after he made his debut, didn't call it quits. Though not as often as previously, he has continued to release new music and gig regularly, and has continued to exceed the expectations of his fans, who have stuck with him over the years, while evolving sonically and rebuilding his career independently.

Chingy announced his latest single, "F*ck Your Respect (FYR)" a few months back, and with such a strong title, it has quickly become one of his most highly anticipated records for a very long time. It seems like the wait is over for Chingy's fans to see him back at the top of the charts again.

FYR is due to be released on the 27th of October, 2017, with a video to follow shortly after.

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Chingy's Website:

Hip Hop Music


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01-10-2017 15:45 GMT


Discover Atlanta's new independent hip hop record label, Dirt Road Dreams Entertianment, by underground rapper, Six9

Shortly after the release of his highly anticipated critically acclaimed mixtape, Dirt Road Dreams in July, 2017, Atlanta underground rapper, Six9 set up his own record label with the same name, Dirt Road Dreams. He later announced his first signing, a young, talented rapper who goes by the name of Zuessy. Zuessy recently released his first record on the label, "No Slippin" which features Six9 and is already garnering a lot of support from local and national radio stations online and offline, and he's on his way to becoming one of hip hop's top new artists in 2017. His sound, reminiscent of artists like Future, is a melodic style with its own unique feel and a groove that is being predicted will be the next big sound of hip hop.

Who Zeussy is? He's Atlanta's top new rapper, with a unique sound reminiscent of artists like Future but in a category of its own

Watch the video introducing Zuessy to the world on YouTube:

Watch Zuessy's first record, No Slippin on YouTube:

Stream|Download Six9's 2017 mixtape free on Soundcloud:

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Six9's Website:

Underground Hip Hop Music


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30-09-2017 01:03 GMT

Crissi's Custom Love Songs Are Back Again

Get a love song written and recorded specially for you and you lover by platinum indie artist, Crissi Cochrane from Ontario, Canada

One of the most complex emotions experienced by mankind, love could sometimes be difficult to express accurately, and once you get it right the first time it gets even harder and harder to top your best and show how much more your love has grown since the last time you made that big romantic gesture to show it.

Back in the day kids made mixtapes to express their love for the boy or girl of their heart's desire. It was the ultimate gesture to show one's love - possibly because it took so long to achieve. First you had to think of the best love songs of all time, then you had to find out who had them if you didn't have them all, then compile all the tapes and vinyls, locate the songs fast-forwarding and rewinding through each side, figure out the perfect order, make the track listing in your best hand writing, and then get to work recording each song individually. With at least 60 minutes of recording time on the average blank cassette tape, it took a great deal of time, but if nothing else worked it was one sure way of telling someone how you felt about them.

But all that changed after a while - love songs changed. Back in the day songs like I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston, I'll Make Love To You by Boyz II Men, I Just Called To Say I Love You by Stevie Wonder, How Deep Is Your Love by The Bee Gees, That's The Way Love Goes by Janet Jackson, The Power Of Love by Celine Dion and Dreamlover by Mariah Carey expressed the deep emotions lovers felt in all the best ways they would love to say it. The best love songs written and recorded were innocent, passionate, pure and so romantic they could literally make one fall in love, but as time goes by they seem to be becoming rarer and rarer to find. Fortunately, there are still a few new artists out there who possess those essential artistic qualities that allow for such songs to continue to exist and Crissi Cochrane is one the best of them. Currently ranked one of the top indie artists in the world, her style is a smooth blend of alternative pop and jazz reminiscent of artists like Billie Holiday and Norah Jones.

Crissi started writing custom love songs for Valentine's Day initially but as the demand grew she started writing them more often. It's that time once again when she's taking time out of her busy schedule to help crazy lovers express those deep feelings they've run out of ways or can't find the words to say. For a limited time, custom love song orders can be placed directly on her official website.

What is the perfect gift for a girlfriend or boyfriend? How about a love song specially written and recorded for that special someone.

Stream|Download Crissi's top hits free and download free mp3s:

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Crissi Cochrane's Website:

Alternative Pop Music


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29-09-2017 23:00 GMT

Juliette Ashby Live In Concert For World Mental Health Day, 2017

Join Juliette Ashby for a sensational night of live reggae music on World Mental Health Day and help raise money to support mental health charities on October 7, 2017 at The Bull Theatre in North London, UK

On Saturday, the 7th of October, 2017, SoulShack Productions returns to The Bull Theatre in Barnet, North London for the second year running, with live music, circus events, screenings and talks for World Mental Health Day 2017.
Following the overwhelming response at last year’s event, this year is set to be an even more exciting night to raise money and garner support for local mental health charities and groups, with proceeds from the night going to Mind In Barnet, Barnet & North London Bipolar Support Group and Barnet Voice For Mental Health

Live music on the night from Georgia Black, Miles Paschal and London reggae artist, Juliette Ashby. 


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29-09-2017 20:20 GMT


Find the latest new singles and albums of Autumn, 2017 in Canada right now and discover top new artists and bands and similar acts

If anyone knows how to intensify the build up to an album and get fans' ears watering right up to the very second before its release, it's none other than Canadian rock artist, Tara Kye. Tara has proven to be one of the most hard working emerging artists in British Columbia, and possibly in Canada as a whole even. Over the past 12 months alone she has released close to 10 singles back to back almost every month. She released a 6 track EP, "Tortured Love" in February, which treated fans to her top releases prior to the EP, including the title track, "Tortured Love" which was her latest single at the time. Similarly, in August she released the single "Freedom Rocks" shortly before announcing her new album "Freedom Rocks" which was released on the 21st of August, 2017. 

It's been an exciting year for Tara's fans, and an even more exciting year for Tara whose passion is to inspire and motivate the world through music. She sprung onto Canada's rock scene with a distinctive, captivating, organic rock sound that pays homage to the authentic sounds of the genre whilst skillfully incorporating elements from other genres without compromising its integrity with the help of Canadian musician, John Dean, who taught her how to play the piano and has since worked with her on many of her songs.

Her latest album demonstrates her growth as an artist over the past year and features 10 songs including many of her previous hits. "Freedom Rocks" is available to download on iTunes, and stream on Apple Music and Spotify.

Stream|Download Tara's New Album on iTunes|Apple Music:


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