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01-01-2018 15:48 GMT


Welcoming 2018's top new indie music artists and bands and appreciating the best of 2017 - Discover 2018 independent music

After an eventful 2017 and our most exciting year without doubt so far, we, the SRL Networks team would like to thank everyone for their involvement, love and support, and wish you all a prosperous 2018.

We'd like to particularly say a big thank you to all the amazing artists, bands and producers on the SRL roster, as well as contributing independent (indie) musicians around the world, who kept us and continue to keep us entertained with new music and videos, concerts, other live music experiences, and other entertaining, memorable experiences throughout the year; The L!ve Team - SRL's music and administrative staff; The Skunk Radio Live Hunters - our dedicated fans and listeners around the world actively playing their part listening, downloading, voting and selecting the amazing music we've had the priviledge of discovering and enjoying so far; The Skunk Radio Live Joint Masters - our beloved A&Rs guiding us along the way on every music discovery escapade; band managers; music licensors and licensees; Ad agencies; app developers; our technical team of course - who keep our services running smoothly at all times; our DJs and radio programmers; music industry professionals; music journalists; writers; record labels and media partners; and everyone else who has supported us and continues to support us and work with us to achieve our ultimate goal, which is to keep real music alive, and hence uphold our motto - "There is no compromise for artistic intergrity".

Have a wonderful year, and may all your dreams come true in 2018.

Discover independent (indie) music videos on YouTube:

Eclectic/All Generes


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31-12-2017 18:01 GMT


Discover, stream and download the new 2017 album by Love X Stereo on SRL Music News - Album out now on Bandcamp

10 songs, 10 videos, 10 more reasons why fans fell in love with South Korea's top indie music act.

Love X Stereo fans knew they were in for a treat at the start of the year but by the end of the year would have quickly come to realise they hadn't even nearly expected anything close to what was in store. 

The sensational electronic rock duo kicked of the year with a promise to deliver 37 tracks through the year for one of their Patreon projects and just as promised, they delivered song after song, with music videos as well, each one better than the last.

In the spring of 2017 the band announced their first album of the year, "37A", which was scheduled for release around about the same time they were due to head over to the UK to perform at the Focus Wales 2017 Music, Film, Comedy and Arts Festival in Wrexham, where they put on a show-stopping performance. The album was released to critical acclaim, shooting straight to the top of Korean music charts where it remained for a long time.

"37A" was hailed for its excellence and featured chart topping singles - "Rage Is Not Enough", "Dark And Light" and "Lost Paradise" , which were released earlier in the year. Love X Stereo went on a short mini tour of London, where they played gigs at top venues including Windmill in Brixton and Alley Cats in Central London, before returning to Seoul.

With such a sensational album half way through the year, and so many songs already released to fulfill their Patreon promoise, "37B" couldn't have been foreseen. It blew everyone from fans and critics to industry insiders and competing independent bands and labels away, and continues to do so today as it rockets up the charts like its predecessor, "37A".

"37B" is being hailed as one of the best independent music releases of the year in their home and surrounding regions. The album is available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all top digital music services.

Being the crowd pleasers they are, Love X Stereo didn't stop they - they went further and put together 10 brand new music videos for each song and released a video playlist version of the album on YouTube as well so fans can have the option of watching the album free, making it without doubt for many, one of the most refreshing, satisfying and enjoyable independent rock album releases this year.


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28-12-2017 03:00 GMT


Discover the new single by hip hop artist, Daiyon and watch the band new video on YouTube - Stream single free on Soundcloud

Critically acclaimed independent Wisconsin, US rapper, Daiyon, consistently reminds fans why they fell in love with his music. Storming on to his local independent music scene just over 5 years ago with singles like "Hands Up" and "We Live", and taking US hip hop and EDM music fans by surprise, Daiyon didn't waste anytime catapulting himself into the big leagues, sharing the stage with the country's top acts and gaining widespread exposure owing his distinctive blend of hip hop, pop and EDM which has the ability to effortlessly cut across genre barriers and appeal to a very broad range of music fans.

He recently put on a show-stopping performance at the US Cellular Center in Iowa where he shared the stage with 2 Chainz and other top hip hop acts.

His latest album, "7 Daiys" and his most hightly anticipated to date was announced earlier in the year. The first single, "So Much To Lose" was recently released, followed by the official video shortly after, which means it's only a matter of time before news emerges about the album release date.

In the meantime, "So Much To Lose" is available to stream free on Soundcloud, and the video on YouTube.

Discover|Stream the new single free on Soundcloud:


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28-12-2017 02:12 GMT


There's a hot new sound emanating from the depths of the hip hop underground. It's raw and edgy with a feel good vibe that's fierce at the same time, and to underground hip hop fans, nothing has ever sounded so promising.

 Ron B paints vivid pictures over infectious beats that complement his bold and strong vocal delivery with the utmost precision, offering an ecletic music catalog of classic and memorable rap songs that exhibit versatility, virtuousity, lyrical acuity and artistic flair that make you want more.

Check out Columbus, USA's hot new rapper and discover why fans are predicting him to be the next big hip hop star out of the region in 2018.


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27-12-2017 23:10 GMT


Listen free and explore the sounds of Switzerland's latest electronic music project, Hidden Silence - Stream free songs and download on Soundcloud

Music discovery is the mission - the time is now and the place is Bern, Switzerland

There hails a haunting, yet ever so compelling experimental sound that lingers elegantly and slowly unravels, alternating vaguely between light and shade, and creating an ambience that could only be described as the sound of silence. With minimal instrumentation and unpredictable pulsating grooves that captivate and dazzle like a shinning star in the midnight hour, Hidden Silence delivers an immersive exploratory music listening experience with their latest release, "Troubadour Beats", out now on Tunecore and top digital music services.


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27-12-2017 22:33 GMT


Listen to the new 2017 end of year mix by DJ Bossa Nova. Discover new songs, discover indie artists and explore the world of house music like you've never done before in this eclectic, virtuosic blend of electronic sounds

After an eventful year filled with new frontiers, amazing new sounds and unforgettable club nights, there was only one way for Los Angeles, US house music DJ, DJ Bossa Nova's fans to end the year right - and knowing what his fans want, of course he delivered it - a sensational end of year mix to bid farewell to 2017 in style.

Bossa has kept fans happy all year round with a new mini mix every month as has been customary since he made his debut as one of LA's top house music DJs only a few years back. The new mix is packed with sounds by some of the top popular and not so popular producers and artists of 2017 including Devault, DJ Valid, Sak Noel, D.J S.K.T, Valentino Khan, Cardi B, 21 Savage, Nitti Gritti, Omar Basaad, Cazes and Diplo, and features all genres from future house and electro to trap and hip hop.


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27-12-2017 21:53 GMT


Power pop singer songwriter, Keith Shaw from New Jersey, USA announces his 2 new 2017 singles, free to stream on Reverbnation with mp3 downloads available for purchase as well on the site

Influenced by the likes of Dennis DeYoung, The Beatles, Uriah Heep, Queen and The Wrecking Crew, Keith Shaw is a seasoned independent (indie) musician from New Jersey, USA with a distinctive organic sound that is infectious and groovy with that old school cool.

After a little time off playing live and recording, Keith is back with 2 brand new singles. "Cherry Red" and "It's A Race To The Bottom" are free to stream on Reverbnation with mp3 downloads also available on the site.


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24-12-2017 18:50 GMT


Discover why music lost its commercial value in this weekly music analysis article exploring to day's music industry from the point of view of fans.
A special feature article by indie writer, The Ghostwriter

I've got at least 12 Miley Cyrus posters, but never bought a single album, CD or a download. I should be more ashamed for not having bought at least one song, than for owning those posters but it's the other way around.

In case you are wondering who I am - I'm Ghostwriter, an indie writer from London - and I know what you're thinking - I can't believe I got a job in a news publication using a name like that either, but that's another story.

The first time I listened to a Miley Cyrus song was when news emerged about her twerking at the 2013 MTV Awards. For reasons unknown, I automatically reacted with the same sort of attitude everyone else was having at the time, probably for reasons that were uncertain to them as well but that were simply an element of the buzz that came with the story. I mean everyone's twerking and is still twerking even more so today, so what if she did?

But like everyone else I thought to myself, "that's soo disgusting!" ... "I've GOT to see it" (just to see how disgusting it was obviously). So I headed straight to YouTube and needless to say, I saw it over and over at least 26 times and expressed my dismay to full extent with the utmost pleasure. 

"Who is this Miley? I thought, that can't be Hannah Montana?" I went on to expore. I discovered she was in deed Hannah Montana, and then I discovered songs like "Wrecking Ball" and "We Can't Stop", and then there was my all time favorite and still one of my top new pop songs even up till this day, "23" [watch video], with hip hop producer, Mike Will Made This, Wiz Kalifa and Juicy Jay on YouTube. That was it - I was hooked, sadly it wasn't necessarily based on or as a result of the music. Knowing Google, it wasn't long before Miley Cyrus stuff was popping up in the Ads sections of every website or social media platform I visited. That's how I got my Miley Cyrus poster collection (I felt I had to explain). 
I just hope there isn't another music celebrity scandal in the newpapers soon, so I don't discover another bombshell, like Cardi B, and just totally lose it.

The point I was trying to get at was that I valued the posters more than I did the music.

Music has changed over the years, just as the world has. Searching for only the words "Miley Cyrus" could lead me to more free Miley Cyrus music and videos than I could consume if I dedicated several full days or even weeks to discovering, streaming, watching and downloading Miley Cyrus music alone. So why on earth would I pay for it? Surely that would be insane wouldn't it?

But why would I want that many Miley Cyrus posters on my wall anyway? The first impression I had of her was that she was disgusting after twerking like that at the MTV awards.

The answer is simple - scarcity. Whilst everyone is offering free music left, right and center, you can't download a Miley Cyrus poster onto your wall from the internet, and you can't just get one from just any random local corner store. You'd have to leave your house or do a search online specifically for Miley Cyrus posters or as the case was for me - see them in an Ad, then, you'll have to pay for them.

The music industry seems to be knowingly or unknowingly flooding (intoxicating) itself, like a drunk overinduging on alcohol. Too many artists, too many songs, too many albums, mixtapes, streaming and videos - all free directly or indirectly - and all with the same theme to make it even more difficult to "patronise" (as it were) and even navigate sometimes. As the old saying goes, "too much of everything is bad".

Maybe Miley stole my heart because her career embodied a theme everyone loves to see play out so much, the "Good Girl Gone Bad" theme, and it wasn't everybody's story at the time - but sadly, everyone's a good girl gone bad now, so now I have the option of not just one but a thousand new good girls gone bad and they all sound the same and appear to be singing the same song - I'm no rocket scientist but I know there isn't enough room on my walls for that many posters. So that's it for me and "Good Girl Gone Bad" posters for now - they've ruined it. I can't have that many Nicki Minaj and Cardi B posters on my wall, there isn't enough room for one even, by the looks of those behinds.

It's Sunday evening in London, UK. I'm listening to my Gabrielle album collection. Nothing matters to me right this second but this article I write every Sunday, and my sweet, sweet Gabrielle. Prior to today, I never really even knew what she looked like. I had never seen a video, didn't know what her bra size was or wonder how she fit in her jeans. I had only ever heard her on the radio or on my CD player and the only time I had seen her was on CD covers, CD blooklet images/silhouette based designs, but if I was ever asked who my favorite female singers were, she'd come to mind first almost every time. The only thing my mind associates with the word Gabrielle is good music and a warm, tingling sensation inside I don't get listening to just anyone else. I feel like I'm cuddled in the warm embrace of a long time partner, companion or lover who smells like Cocoa Butter and freshly ground coffee beans when I listen to her. I didn't have to think much at all when I turned on my CD player - I wanted something subtle and gentle, soothing and calm, something so unobstrusive I could play in the background and forget it was playing. Something that would put my mind at ease but not completely whisk me away into a fanstasy world where I could forget my true essence, while ever so subtly pushing me to let go a little more. Something sweet and friendly that could create a peaceful ambience just right for me to get focused, just for you, my honorable friend on the other side of this faithful keyboard. "Made a wish, I can dream, I can be what I want to be" - listen along with me here on Amazon - the album is called "Rise" and the song is called "Sunshine" or watch the music video for Sunshine here on YouTube.

If you've read this far, I'm ecstatic to know that I've engaged you and piqued your interest on this fine Sunday evening. I hope my writing has brought peace, joy, focus and a little bit of cheer to your mind, maybe even helped you discover some good songs and artists to listen to. Till we meet again to explore the possible reasons why music seems to have lost its commercial value, why it matters and where it's leading, I remain yours truly.

Don't forget to leave a comment at the bottom of the page and share.

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve, and an even more amazing Christmas.


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23-12-2017 21:37 GMT


Discover independent hip hop artists in Maine, USA - Discover rapper, Loc Dab's new single, "We On Fire" and the unreleased album, "Feel Good Music".

Having been on Maine, USA's independent and underground hip hop music scenes since 2005, and with body of work and sound as promising as his, there was no doubt that the announcement of his latest project would cause widespread anticipation amongst not just local fans but nationally as well, and it did.

Loc Dab burst onto Maine's hip hop scene with a unique sound, and writing and performance style in a category of their own. With an innovative blend of electronic and organic sounds, and virtuosic delivery and word play on the microphone, the prolific rapper, producer, songwriter and enterpreneur was able to quickly build a sizeable fanbase who have stuck with him through out his career and continue to do so.

Loc Dab's latest project, "Marijuana, Video Games & Cartoons" was released on the 18th of December, 2016 to critical acclaim on Maine's underground hip hop scene.

The mixtape was released under the Flight Media & Music Group imprint, a self-managed independent (indie) record label.


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21-12-2017 23:10 GMT


Discover soundtrack music by independent (indie) and freelance music composers creating music for television, film, advertisements and radio, license music and find new songs to publish if you are a music publisher or library
Pictured: Indie composer, Megan McDuffee all dressed up

Just man and machines, the dregs versus the corporations - Hostile Takeover is a new cyberpunk role playing indie game which freelance music composer, Megan McDuffee was commissioned to create the main theme for. It's just one of the many exciting audiovisual projects she has been working on in 2017.

Being one of San Francisco's top indie composers, known particularly for her dark and dramatic electronic soundscapes, there was no doubt she would do an amazing job, and after a while working on it, with snippets, updates and behind the scenes clips along the way as is customary, Megan's fans were delighted when the final results came out. As usual the full track has been made publicly available as a stand-alone music release online to stream free.

Look out for Hostile Takeover, the game at an indie game store near you or online.


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