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Get Signed - Auditions | Music Discovery XO

Guaranteed exposure in only a few clicks. Find out what music fans, trusted music industry insiders and record labels think about your best song. If they love it we'll sign you and work hard to get you a record deal, publishing deal, management, gigs, tours and everything you need to take your music career to the next level. The one-time fee for the audition is to get your music to our audience of over 7 million listeners around the world. The highest music promotion rating will get you the most listeners. Your audition ticket is valid for unlimited auditions forever. All promotions including your audition page are lifetime promotions so they never expire and are only deleted if you ask us to do so. There are no fees after your audition is successful and you've been added to the roster. [View roster]

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Please note: This is not an automated music playlisting service. Your music will be added by hand to each service where it fits the genre, location or other criteria. This includes social media promotions.

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Music Discovery XO Auditions highlights

Check out some of the other artists, bands, producers, composers, DJs and songwriters currently auditioning. You can browse all auditions, listen to songs, watch videos and see who's trending by visiting the audition platform. [Browse all auditions]


Auditioning is quick and easy. Simply complete the form below to upload your music and then select an audition ticket on the next page to start your audition.

  • The standard audition includes a professional page to showcase your music on the audition site at and promote your audition to our audience of over 7 millions fans, record labels and music industry professionals around the world looking for new music and new artists to work with right now. Soundcloud and Spotify promotion is included with all auditions. You can also add radio promotion, music review, press release, song and album promotion, music video promotion and more. Just select the ticket that meets your promotional needs once you've uploaded your music.