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Have you got what it takes to be your city's next big star and tour internationally? If the answer is yes then it's time to really start getting your name out there and growing your fan base if you haven't started already. The music industry has changed a lot over the years and nowadays a big fan base is just as important as having the talent and creativity it takes to get signed to a major record label or music publisher and compete with the world's top music stars. Smaller labels, managers and music licensing companies are even following suit and going after indie artists who are making waves.

Check out some of the artists and bands around the world auditioning now below.


Auditioning is quick and easy. Simply complete the form below to upload your music and then select an audition ticket on the next page to start your audition.

  • The standard audition includes a professional page to showcase your music on the audition site at and promote your audition to our audience of over 7 millions fans, record labels and music industry professionals around the world looking for new music and new artists to work with right now. Soundcloud and Spotify promotion is included with all auditions. You can also add radio promotion, music review, press release, song and album promotion, music video promotion and more. Just select the ticket that meets your promotional needs once you've uploaded your music.

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    Promotion available at the audition stage provides all the PR and marketing tools necessary to get your music directly in front of fans, industry professionals and labels and start monetizing, including but not limited to radio promotion, single/album promotion, music video promotion, music reviews, press releases, cover artwork design, music licensing opportunities, live events, YouTube channel promotion, website promotion and social media promotion, so you can start getting your music heard and growing your fanbase right from the start. There are tons of music fans and labels right here right now waiting to hear from you. So what are you waiting for? The spotlight is on you and it's your time to shine.