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One of the most significant things that has happened in the music industry since Spotify is that artists now get to meet their fans before they meet their record label. They no longer need to impress a record label first to get access to a fan base, rather they must now first impress a well-sized fan base many many times (almost like a really thorough lover), before even talking to a record label in order to get the best possible record deal. SRL Networks has been created to bring artists, fans and record labels together under one roof and make fair, transparent, lucrative, mutually beneficial deals happen. You are an amazing artist with an amazing and unique sound, and you are here to meet your fans - the first of two really important steps that could shape your entire music career. Your audition will be like your calling card, so let's make it awesome okay?

Disclaimer: we can't promise you the world, but we'll never stop trying to make you a star.

Check out some of the other artists, bands, producers, composers, DJs and songwriters currently auditioning. You can browse all auditions, listen to songs, watch videos and see who's trending by visiting the audition platform.

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Some of the exciting places we'll be promoting your songs during your audition:

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Auditioning is quick and easy. Simply complete the form below to upload your music and then select one of the audition tickets on the next page to start your audition.
The standard audition includes a professional page to showcase your music on the audition site at and promote your audition to our audience of over 7 million fans, record labels and music industry professionals around the world looking for new music and new artists to work with right now [View latest social media stats]. Soundcloud and Spotify promotion is included with all auditions. You can also add radio promotion, music review, press release, song and album promotion, music video promotion and more. Just select the ticket that meets your promotional needs once you've uploaded your music.

Limited audition tickets available. Please reserve your ticket here now if you would like to submit your music later to avoid disappointment.