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YouTube Music, Soundcloud, Apple Music, Spotify and other digital music streaming and download services all offer millions of songs, albums and videos by independent, unsigned and emerging artists, bands and labels all promoting their best artworks simultaneously and competing for the number one spot. It would be absolutely insane to sit down and listen to ALL of them in one go - that's Our job.

Discover a fine selection of new artists and curate the music collection of your dreams one day at a time with SRL, London's premier boutique music discovery service.


Find new artists and discover new music. 

Really fast.

SRL simplifies music discovery  by allowing the audience to select the music, videos, entertainment and entertainers promoted, premiered and featured on its various music discovery resources.  Listen  to and watch new acts promoting their best tracks on the SRL Auditions show everyday after your favorite radio programs on Skunk Radio Live, vote for your top acts and you could be seeing all their new and classic stuff on SRL in no time, with free streaming, downloads, videos, news, reviews, behind the scenes clips, live online concerts and more.

Stream/download songs, albums and mixtapes on popular music apps and music platforms free, and discover the best new independent artists

Meet the artists.