Drew Sestito

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Making his debut in 2015 with his debut single, "Stitched" and EP, "Empty Pockets", Drew Sestito was quick to cement his name in the minds of pop music fans, critics and industry insiders. "Empty Pockets" is a 5 track album that displays a unique and very much appreciated approach to the genre right from the instrumentation and lyrics to the overall feel of every song. Drew became one of the top new artists to watch on Philly's local independent (indie) pop music scene and one of the most talented from the region in a very long time.

He continues to write and release new records regularly and has already started building a solid repertoire of songs that are guaranteed to take him to the top including new tracks like "T.O.O" and "Girl With the Flower Tatoo", which have been hailed as some of his best recordings so far. 

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