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Auditions are done online and the submission process can be completed within a few minutes. All genres are accepted including instrumental music.

Promotion available at the audition stage provides all the tools necessary to help monetize your music and get radio promotion, single/album promotion, music video promotion, music reviews, press releases, cover artwork design, music licensing opportunities, live events bookings, YouTube channel promotion, website promotion, social media promotion and much more to ensure you get discovered, get your music heard and start growing your fanbase while auditioning.

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The Audition Process.

1. Submit your best song(s). Live audition videos, live audio recordings, acapellas, covers, demos, freestyles, and other improvised works showcasing raw talent are also accepted.

2. We listen, share and conduct an in-house review and then vote. We may also consult with external DJs, A&Rs, record labels, publishers and other music industry contacts for their opinions.

3. We promote your music for 7 days so that our radio listeners, social media followers, record label contacts, publishers, bloggers, music reviewers, music journalists and other music industry professionals, and music fans around the world can listen and vote too (promoted auditions).

4. Participants who receive the most positive responses overall during the audition process are selected to join the SRL Networks roster and begin taking their career to the next level. Other participants are welcome to audition again.

Get Started.
Auditioning is quick and easy. To get started, please send your best track in mp3 format, a cover photo and a link to your website to playlists@SkunkRadioLive.com

Our listeners also like acapellas, freestyles and improvised works so you can record one and submit it as well.

You can also include a short recorded message in mp3 format to introduce yourself to Skunk Radio Live listeners. In addition or alternatively, you can upload an audition video introducing yourself and performing your best track to YouTube and send us a link.

Once your submission is received you'll receive a link to obtain an audition ticket and begin the audition process. You can also reserve your ticket now by clicking here>>