Zara Kershaw

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Take an ambitious yet philosophical Pop song, turn it on its head whilst emitting strong soulful vocals - not forgetting to add contrapuntal streams of enriched vocal harmony and a funk bassline. Finally, mix a burst of radiance with a splash of purple waves and you'll get the artist Zara Kershaw.

With a stark, compelling hook that pulls the goosebumps out of every inch of your skin, the first thing that will hit you about Zara Kershaw is her voice. The control with which her vocals effortlessly glide over her self-produced instrumentals should at least put a freeze in your stride, and rightly so - "I've always aimed for my music to be one those songs that makes you stop in your tracks and stare at the speakers".

Zara has been lucky enough to refine her craft alongside industry professionals from a young age. She attended the BRIT School back in 2010, where she was taught by top vocal coach Anton Browne (The Voice), and worked alongside some of the best young musicians in the country.

Taking influence from the likes of Gnarls Barkley, Lana Del Rey and Bon Iver, it soon became evident that her sound was never meant to be of one vein.

In 2013, Zara Kershaw released a brand new record that even Adele and Amy would be proud of. 'The Cage and the Free EP' delivers pop music at its most explorative depths, beautifully balancing both the familiar and the alternative. With arrangements that brush upon every listeners palette, this vibrant record bears no sign of grayscale; giving pop music a new reason to live.

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